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Monday, April 27, 2009

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Every now & then I'll see a movie that leaves an impression.. Sometimes it's a funny movie, sometimes scary, sometimes a thinker.. Well, last night I watched this movie w/Nick and it definitely left an impression.. I still keep thinking about it! A must see:

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Young Bruno lives a wealthy lifestyle in Pre-war Germany along with his mother, elder sister, and army Commandant father. The family re-locate to the countryside where his father is assigned to commandeer a prison camp. A few days later, Bruno befriends another youth, strangely dressed in striped pajamas, named Shmuel who lives behind an electrified fence. Bruno will soon find out that he is not permitted to befriend his new friend as he is a Jew, and that the neighboring yard is actually a prison camp for Jews awaiting extermination.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What are YOUR kids doing while you're on Facebook?

So, I know, I'm totally addicted to Facebook. I have really enjoyed getting in touch with old friends. Some I thought I would NEVER lose contact with! Some I wish I had never seen again (they're not on my friends list), SOME I have no recollection of (they ARE on my friends list - what the heck???) Anyway, it's fun...but I have got to work on my time management.. I have sacrificed my TV time, which is awesome, but I know the time could be better spent reading... Well, this post was to show you all what happens when you've got one parent on FB and the other watching TV:

That's Dallon's toothbrush, by the way.

Rocco loves eating @ our churches senior luncheons!

He's even making a dish to take now!

Rocco's fave, deviled eggs!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Easter Bunny Came!

I know, I'm a week late! Here are some pics from our family Easter last weekend.
(I forgot to do the family picture Sunday morning.)

Started w/egg dying Saturday night:
Had to let them dry before affixing Transformer stickers. (Forgot to get pic of finished eggs.)Easter Bunny brought these:He also nibbled on the carrot we put out:Reaction to baskets Sunday morning:The bubbles have been used more as Light sabers than bubbles, lol.
My little Star Wars fans...My little froggy lover:They were pleased.On to the egg hunt after church Sunday:Dallon is so smart!How'd that get up there? Dunno =)Hundreds of eggs everywhere!Love this pic, he was confused as to why there was only half:We had a lot of fun... Had my brother & his family over for lunch. Made a big ham, hasbrown casserole, green beans, croissant rolls, blueberry pie & mixed berry pie. After all this I do want to say that my boys do know the true meaning of Easter. We live this truth everyday, not just on holidays. Praise our Lord for all He has done on our behalf!

Thanks for visiting..

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Another favorite thing!

My All-Floor Dyson vacuum cleaner IS everything it's cracked up to be! Love it! And I especially love that I got it from at HALF the price! I've had mine for almost a year. They have them on there all the time! Don't forget to check (one of my previous favorite things) everyday!!

Still strolling...

Love this one... Rocco w/Molly @ 4th of July 2yrs ago.
(My kids have always loved her.)

This ones is cute too, he's soaked.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Stroll down memory lane..

Just a few pics of Thadden Rocco eating his 1yr birthday cake.... Remember the curly hair?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Part Two to Wordless Wednesday

This is what I found Saturday.. I don't know if it's the books or the chair but it happens every time!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Wednesday morning Teri (Nick's sister) called me asking if Nick & Roman had plans Saturday. She wanted to buy them tickets to the Monster motor cross event in Jacksonville for Roman's birthday. We went to a birthday party Saturday afternoon and told him during the party that he had a surprise coming later. Nick didn't tell him where they were going until they were on their way. (I told him not to tell him at all, just let him find out when they got there!) Roman has been to the monster truck jam every year since he was three and missed it this year. So he was VERY excited!!! Nick was a little excited too.. She splurged and bought really good seats! Here are some pics..

Thank you soooo much Auntie TT!!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Room 148

My two sweet friends Deanna & Trisha asked me to go on a 'girls weekend' with them to Savannah, GA. (Happy Birthday Deanna Deanna Bo Feanna!!!) I think we should make this an annual event. I booked us at The Mulberry Inn (it's a Holiday Inn but doesn't look like it.) It was walking distance from everything. I'll start from the beginning.. Friday around 6 o'clock they picked me up, courtesy of Trisha's limousine service.. Our next stop was just outside of Savannah at Texas Roadhouse where Deanna bought us dinner w/a gift card she had..hmm..never did ask her where she got that card. Then we had the hardest time finding our hotel, which was totally our fault.. One wrong turn can totally mess up perfectly good mapquest directions.. We checked in and were VERY pleased with our accommodations! We highly recommend The Mulberry Inn!! It was too late to catch a movie or go anywhere so we sat at the computers in the lobby and taught Deanna how to use Facebook. Then we stayed up until 2am talking! We actually slept until 8:45 Saturday! YEAH!! We ate brunch at a place called The Cotton Exchange..yummy fried green tomatoes! It was my first time eating them & I loved them! We cruised River Street shops, took a trolley tour and made it back to The Mulberry Inn for tea time where they had coffee, tea, sandwiches, cookies & pastries..all the while listening to a very talented man in a tuxedo playing the piano. Later that night we walked down to the river in the rain! Trisha & I shared an umbrella, pics would have been great but who wants to get their camera wet? We ate dinner at a place the concierge recommended called The Boars Head. Service was great, food was yummy, bill was way too expensive..even w/Deanna & I sharing an entree! We ran home in the rain, singing, dancing & laughing all the much fun. I know the door man at the inn thought we were drunk! I had to inform him that it was all natural, no alcohol involved! We don't need that stinkin stuff.. Our last day we missed Paula Deen's, it was all booked up but we did peep through the window and walk through her shop. Rumor has it we missed her by a week. We had a light breakfast at a great cafe then headed for Savannah Bee Company! Which, by the way, sells their soap for $16 in their store but $3 at Wal-Mart! Just an FYI.. After that we headed to River St. to finish buying gifts for our babies.. Then we realized Trisha lost her camera!! After frantically searching for it she called an antique store we had visited and they had it.. Whew! Relief.. We wrapped up our shopping then ate at a bar-b-q place in Darrien on our way home. We shopped at the Bath & Body Works Outlet (BECAUSE I LOVE THAT STORE) then drove home. We arrived about 7pm. We had so much fun!! So many things I'm forgetting here and so many I have to keep to myself because, well, because some things are just meant to stay between friends... Thanks for all the laughing girls! I absolutely LOVE you both!!! Some Pics...

I love this one..

Us making fun of kissy-face photos..

Girls just wanna have fun..

Please pretend you don't see the fever blister..grose..

River Street
St. Johns
Life IS like a box of chocolates..
This is the ring Nick bought me for our ten year anniversary.. I finally had a picture taken.
Hello? Is anyone home?
Lots more but I'm sure you've had enough..
Maybe I'll post a part two later..