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Monday, January 30, 2012

1st & 2nd 9wks Kindergarten & 3rd Grade Awards

 Rocco's 1st 9wk Awards (October) : Honor Roll, Accelerated Reader, Citizenship, Perfect Attendance, Physical Education (specially selected award)
Rocco also scored in the top five Accelerated Readers for kindergarten & got to eat lunch with the Principle, Mrs. Simpkins.
(It was crazy sock day.)

Dallon's 1st 9wk Awards (October) : A-B Honor Roll, Citizenship, Accelerated Reader, Perfect Attendance
Dallon also scored in the top five Accelerated Readers for 3rd grade got to eat lunch with the Principle, Mrs. Simpkins.
(It was crazy hat day.)
Dallon with his pisans Huntley & Gabe. 

Rocco's 2nd 9wk Awards (January) : Honor Roll, Citizenship, Accelerated Reader, Music (specially selected award), Perfect Attendance
Rocco received a free pizza coupon from Connie's Pizza, which he cashed in THAT NIGHT.

I wanted to add this to this blog post because I wasn't sure if Rocco made top kindergarten Accelerated Reader or not, until the local paper came out yesterday!  YIPPEE!!  Way to go Rocco!!!  He loves to read & once he started testing on his own there was no stopping him.

Dallon's 2nd 9wk Awards (January) : A/B Honor Roll, Citizenship, Accelerated Reader, Perfect Attendance, Physical Education (specially selected award)
He wanted to dress up, he picked out his own clothes for this special occasion.

Dallon & Huntley
Seeing the above picture triggered a memory from that morning.  While walking to class I noticed Dallon's sleeves & asked him if he'd like for me to button them.  He replied, "No, I did that on purpose because I want to look like Daddy."  I love that.

Dallon asked Gammy to take our picture.
Dallon's saving his Connie's Pizza coupon for a special night.
They both scored in the top five Accelerated Readers for their grade again & get to eat with their Principle, Mrs. Simpkins, tomorrow.
Roman did great too in Middle School.  His first 9wks he made all A's, except one B.  Same for the second 9wks but he was only ONE point away from straight A's this time!!! 

I'm so proud of my boys. They work very hard.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Picasso Who?

I like to walk Ziti. 

I love my brothers dog!  His name is Jack.

Dear Santa, How do your reindeer fly?  I think it is magic?

I think Santa is having a meeting with his elves.

I can't believe my froggy is 9!

My precious Dallon Vincent turned nine January 4th.  This happened to be the day the kids returned to school from Christmas break AND the coldest day we've had since last winter.  I think it even broke records!  We woke up to 22 degree temps!  Needless to say Dallon was not happy about having to get up & go to school after almost three weeks off.  But you can't tell in this picture can you?  Dallon requested warm monkey bread & cold milk as his birthday treat to share with his class.  I think that's a great way to come back from break.
For dinner Dallon asked for steak.
He's a young man with fine taste.
It was a Wednesday so we had church that night.  To continue the celebration I made green cupcakes (that's his favorite color) with chocolate icing & sprinkles for him to take to church.
We actually celebrated with a froggy birthday party on Saturday January 14th.  He invited his closest friends for brunch, cupcakes & games.
Aren't these printables adorable?!  I won them last summer from Bird's Party Blog off of a contest that Half Baked - The Cake Blog ran.  I won $100 credit so I used it for several events I had planned for 2011-2012.  You can try winning too by following both of these sites on Facebook.  The cupcakes came from Sam's.
We love brunch parties.  We served homemade blueberry & strawberry muffins & lots of fruit.
Since Dallon's crazy about frogs & picks this theme almost every year, we decorate with inflatable frogs & balloons.  I almost skipped the balloons this year & boy am I glad I didn't!  Gammy had left to go pick them up & Dallon started asking where his balloons were.
Rocco helped scatter the frogs.
Some high, some low.
Frogs Frogs Everywhere!
I had a few games planned but we wound up just going with one because the kids were entertaining themselves.  And honestly, why fix something that's not broken?  The game we played was 'Find the Frogs', similar to an egg hunt.  The dads present scattered small plastic frogs all over a section of the yard & the kids gathered as many as they could.  These were party favors to take home, as well as a balloon & an inflatable frog.
As hard as they looked, I'm still finding the frogs in the yard.  Found one just yesterday!
The party guests, minus three bigger boys that wouldn't come out of the woods, Roman, Aaron & Riley.  Left to right: Cameron, Jade, Huntley, Gage, Dallon, Braden, Jamie & Rocco
 Crazy faces!
 All the kids came in to count their loot.
 Time to sing Happy Birthday & open some presents!
I was so proud of Dallon for reading each card before tearing into his gifts.  This is a sign of maturity.  In the past he's torn through them before I've even had a chance to get my camera!  I didn't know what was from who!  One year he smelled all the gifts later & told me who brought what because he recognized the smells of the families & their homes.  Crazy huh?  So I asked a few friends & he was right!  This kid has an amazing sense of smell!
Dallon was blessed with so many generous gifts.
Gammy gave him this super cool extendible magnetic flashlight.
Uncle Doug & Aunt Lynn brought Dallon some crafting supplies.
Dallon's sweet teacher, Mrs. Salmon & her son Riley came to celebrate with us.  This meant so much to us.  Here she is helping him put together one of his gifts he wanted to share with his friends.
Thank you all who came out to celebrate!

Dallon was born exactly fifteen days after we moved into our home.  Here are a few of my favorite pictures of Dallon throughout the years.