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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wrap it up!

I wasn't a great blogger in 2011.  My main purpose for this blog is to print annually into a book for my boys to reflect on later in life, like scrapbooking.  So I target special events, milestones, even recipes. So far I only have one book.  I'm going to try to get back into the groove, without the guilt of trying to catch up.  Wish me luck!

I'll start with our Christmas activities of 2011.  We love to make special treats for, well, us!  And families in the Sunday school class that we lead.  We deliver these to them via caroling.  Which is really interesting because WE CAN'T SING.  But that hasn't seemed to scare them off yet so we do it every year.  {insert big cheesy grin}

Our favorite treat this year were these super easy brownie covered oreos from

Brownie Covered Oreos
1 Brownie mix (or use your own brownie recipe)
1 package Oreos, I used the Holiday ones
White chocolate, melted for drizzle, or Wilton White frosting pen works great
White nonpariels Sprinkles optional (I did not use)

1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Prepare brownie batter according to package directions. Leave in mixing bowl. Dip Oreos in brownie batter then place in bottom of cupcake tins that have been generously sprayed with cooking spray. Bake for 12-15 minutes, until brownies are cooked through (doesn’t take long). As soon as you remove, take a plastic knife and run along edges, (this is VERY important so you get the cookie out with brownies not stuck to pan

2. Let cool for 5 minutes, remove drizzle with melted white chocolate or the Wilton White icing pen, sprinkle with nonpariels and EAT! Enjoy
Makes entire package of Oreos

Christmas Eve night we make reindeer food by mixing plain oatmeal with glitter, to sprinkle on the yard.  This helps the reindeer know where to land & gives them a snack while Santa's enjoying his cookie & milk inside.

After we are in for the night the boys get to open one present each.  It's always new PJs to sleep in on Christmas Eve.  I love this tradition that was carried over from my childhood!

We've left a glass of milk & a BIG brownie covered oreo for Santa.

Stockings are stuffed & boys are in bed.

Our boys always sleep in on Christmas, which is really nice for us.  Roman was our first one up.

Followed shortly by Dallon.

And finally Rocco!

This is what they found.  Santa came!  We ask that he only bring one small gift for each boy because we are blessed to be able to provide the rest.  (The small red packages in the front.)  Thanks Santa!  This year Dallon left him a note to please leave a whoopie cushion too because late Christmas Eve night, just before bed, Dallon popped his.  Thank God Santa had an extra one on his sleigh.

Santa brought the boys BeyBlades!

Roman asked for an Aeropastle jacket for his big gift.

Dallon & Rocco got Nerf Nitron Vortex guns for their big gifts.

Looks like Santa enjoyed his treat AND some of Daddy's sauce!

Our traditional holiday breakfast, Monkey Bread!

After church (Christmas fell on a Sunday & honestly, what better place to be than God's house) we came home to start dinner & open presents.  Ziti didn't know what to think!  This was his first Christmas.

Rocco & Gammy

We got some great movies this Christmas from Gammy.

Dallon with his night vision binoculars that take video & pictures, from Gammy.

Stocking time!

We feel very blessed this Christmas to be home, with each other & to receive these wonderful gifts.  God's Son is the best gift of all & we will never forget that.

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