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Friday, February 26, 2010

Valentine Activities

Roman had to make a box for his class party so ofcourse the other boys wanted a box too! Aren't they cute?!
Nick & I went to eat at Bostons for dinner on Valentines Day then we went to a movie.

Roman's class valentine party. Rocco, Gammy & I surprised Roman by showing up with a special musical card & balloon. He had me give the balloon to his best girl friend (notice the space in between girl & friend), Raven Blair. Prior to this she snuck in (from her class next door) during the party and gave Roman a special valentine ring pop. They have been great friends since they were in 3yr old preschool. I wish I had gotten a picture of them to post. I'll try to do that soon.
Christian was so sweet sharing everything with Rocco. I told his mom she would have been so proud of him!
Roman & a few of his classmates, Trey, Tyson & Parker.
I just loved this picture of Roman.
Roman & William played checkers while Kourtney & Rocco watched.
Dallon's class party. Just like last year I snuck a card in Dallon's lunchbox. One of those cute cards with the funny characters from Wal-Mart. It was hilarious! Too bad he didn't see the BIG card in there and wound up opening it at home, haha.
Dallon & a few of his classmates, DJ, Jaylen & Carissa.
Jamie, Dallon & Adam
This is one of my four valentines.
We had a great valentines. Plenty of chocolate, & lots of hugs & kisses. Nick & the boys gave me a dozen red roses & three containers of cheesecake bites. We gave Nick a big Reeses heart and I made homemade brownies for everyone. Each boy received a special valentine card & balloon. Gammy gave all of us a small heart shaped box of chocolates. The best part ofcourse was being together.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Basketball Jones #2

These first several pictures CRACK.ME.UP. Seriously! Look how good this kid is staying on Dallon! He's doing just what he was told, unbeknownst to him Dallon is not a threat. Unless he knows something we don't. FUN-NY!!!
'I got my eyes on you!'
Dallon's can't shake him!
I like this pic too.
This is a cute one because Dallon's friend (who just happens to be named Dallen) is making fun. But it doesn't phase the kid!
Thought he forgot? Oh no!
Now, on to Roman's game. These are some of my favorites in this particular game. Roman is pretty good at basketball. He says, "I'm not the best, but I'm not the worst." I like that.
** Note, this is not Roman's life motto, it's just a comment he made.**
He has leadership skills too.
He's ready to get that ball as soon as his classmate Reagan (opposite team though) throws it in!
Go Gators!
I can't tell and don't remember if he's throwing or catching in this one but I like it just the same.
Roman's trying so hard to keep the ball (or maybe get the ball?) but it just doesn't look like it's going to happen.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. James Cason!

Friday, February 5th, we were honored to be invited to a wedding for some people dear to our hearts. Monica Seldomridge (our friend, Roman's teacher, Dallon's buddy's mother) married James Cason. We don't know James well yet but we know if Monica, Lincoln & Brandyn love him then we will too! Monica's two boys are the same ages as Dallon & Rocco and they are sweet friends. Congratulations to the Cason family & thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special day. These are some of our favorite pictures from that night.

I totally expected this:
And this:
But I never expected this:
And this:Roman took to the dance floor like it was made for him! Look how sweaty he was! He would have closed the place down if we had let him.
We didn't round up all the boys but here are James, Monica & Lincoln w/Roman. I heart this picture.

Boys Will Be Boys

My version:
This is what I found one morning this month before school.

Warms my little heart..

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Daddy!!

Nick was born February 2, 1965. I love to tease him about being so much older than me, eight years older to be exact. I always did like older boys. For Nick's birthday I made one of his favorite dinners, Crock Pot Lasagna, salad & brownies for dessert. We bought him a gift that he has been requesting for about a year, an ESV Large (grandpa print) Bible. He was very excited!

Some of the things we love about Daddy:

Mommy: His love for our heavenly Father, making me feel safe, being a great daddy, he's my number one fan even when I feel I've got no fans, his hair, his hands, his legs (not his feet, they look like they've been run over by a train - inside joke), He's so fine!

Roman: "Daddy likes to wrestle with us, He coaches soccer & football, He likes the Gators, We have the same eyes, He is a Christian, He jokes with us, His hair"

Dallon: "He's my twin, He's a nice daddy, He's a good daddy, His hair, He watches movie night with us a lot, He likes the Gators"

Rocco: "Hugging, Kissing, Wrestling & Busting his neck off"

We love you to bits Daddy!

1st & 4th Grade Awards

I'm so proud of my sweet boys. They work very hard for their awards. Dallon made A Honor Roll & Roman made A/B Honor Roll. In addition to that they both brought home Citizenship & Accelerated Reader awards. And Dallon hasn't flipped a card all year! (That means he's been a very good boy.) Way to go boys!Love them.

Wordless Wednesday

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Rocco Tale

On the way home from a Target & Wal-Mart run in Yulee tonight (because we live 30 min. away from everything) Mom was talking about how there are commercials about animals needing 'temporary adoption' homes because there are a lot of people joining the military. (I know my sentence was way too long. But who's grading?) She then started telling us (myself, Roman & Rocco....Daddy & Dallon were home) that when she was a little girl they had to give their family dog away when they moved to England. (Grandpa was in the Airforce.) She went on to say that when they moved back a few years later the people gave their dog back even though they didn't ask them to. So after that it was silent for a minute or two then Rocco says, "I had a tiger when I was a little boy." All 'matter of fact'. "He laid his head on me because he was tired. He ate cereal with me and we watched movies together." "We lived at Roman's house." I love this kid. I mean seriously, I think he is at the best place in his life right now. He cares about things but doesn't worry. He could just about do anything and get away with it because he is so darned cute. Love Love Love this boy. Thank you Jesus.