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Friday, February 26, 2010

Valentine Activities

Roman had to make a box for his class party so ofcourse the other boys wanted a box too! Aren't they cute?!
Nick & I went to eat at Bostons for dinner on Valentines Day then we went to a movie.

Roman's class valentine party. Rocco, Gammy & I surprised Roman by showing up with a special musical card & balloon. He had me give the balloon to his best girl friend (notice the space in between girl & friend), Raven Blair. Prior to this she snuck in (from her class next door) during the party and gave Roman a special valentine ring pop. They have been great friends since they were in 3yr old preschool. I wish I had gotten a picture of them to post. I'll try to do that soon.
Christian was so sweet sharing everything with Rocco. I told his mom she would have been so proud of him!
Roman & a few of his classmates, Trey, Tyson & Parker.
I just loved this picture of Roman.
Roman & William played checkers while Kourtney & Rocco watched.
Dallon's class party. Just like last year I snuck a card in Dallon's lunchbox. One of those cute cards with the funny characters from Wal-Mart. It was hilarious! Too bad he didn't see the BIG card in there and wound up opening it at home, haha.
Dallon & a few of his classmates, DJ, Jaylen & Carissa.
Jamie, Dallon & Adam
This is one of my four valentines.
We had a great valentines. Plenty of chocolate, & lots of hugs & kisses. Nick & the boys gave me a dozen red roses & three containers of cheesecake bites. We gave Nick a big Reeses heart and I made homemade brownies for everyone. Each boy received a special valentine card & balloon. Gammy gave all of us a small heart shaped box of chocolates. The best part ofcourse was being together.

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