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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

#3 Roman Mirando : Tight End

Youth league football (Little Hilliard Flashes) came to Hilliard in August 2010. We signed Roman right up! He was on the younger team, 9-10yr olds. He was so excited and his coaches told us he was the most improved by the end of the season. This was a big change from the flag football he had played since he was 4yrs old at the YMCA.
Here are some of my favorite pictures from the season.
I thought this was cute because I caught him standing like this a lot.
The Flashes on their home bleachers.
This was the day he got the jersey in.
Practices were three days a week for two hours. They really worked these boys! He came home dirty, ready for a shower & snack. Then he slept great every night!
He wore his old flag football jerseys to practice.
He's since outgrown the silly band phase.
This as at one of his last games. Nick realized he hadn't taken a picture with his boy yet.
Silly picture! Roman wouldn't do it because his team was too close by.
About a month after the season ended our church hosted a celebration for the teams. I didn't get a lot of pictures because I was too busy mingling.

Go Flashes!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

I was 7 when I started cooking; up until then, I just ate.

"I was 32 when I started cooking; up until then, I just ate." Julia Childs

When I received an email about Maggiano's ccoking class for kids I thought of one cool kid! {Dallon~O} This kid LOVES to cook! I was so excited that I posted on Facebook & my friend Pam knew another cool kid that would love to go! We made our reservations & set the date on our calendars.
Alijah & Dallon in front of the restaraunt. This was actually our first time to Maggiano's, Pam had been once.
The Goofy Chef
Froggy & his butterfly
Ready to get busy!
Making lasagna (not Mommy's crock pot version)
Some help from the chef!
These boys were having so much fun! After taking some picks we backed off & let them do their thing!
King of the mess makers
Parents sit all the way at the other end of the room. They actually served us a delicious buffet while the kids made the lasagna in a to go box. We heated ours up the next day for lunch & it was so yummy!!
They listened well & followed directions.
Chef Dallon & Chef James Muller
We got to keep an autographed apron, the paper chef hat & a few recipes.
What a great time!
Roman wants to go now.

Day#2 ~ Rocco started PreK

Before getting Rocco to his first day of preschool at I Am A Promise, I had to get the 2nd & 5th grade boys off on their bikes to their second day of school.
My handsome Roman
I love this picture of all three boys in the half bath primping.
I make the boys rinse with mouthwash after brushing because I've volunteered in class enough to smell some pretty nasty breath. My boys knock me out sometimes! So we're being proactive. Off they go!
Now Rocco's turn.
My lovabuggahoneybunny giving me some sugar.
He's ready
My last I Am a Promise Preschooler...bittersweet.
I haven't taken any pictures of him with his teachers yet. It's on my to do list.