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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Playing catch up.

Over the next will see me playing catch up on my blog so I can get our 2010 family book printed. So don't freak out & think I've let my kids go swimming in this freezing weather.
What was this kid doing?
Looking cute ofcourse!

This is what happens to your face when you trick ride your bicycle.
Watch out Roman there's a goggled monster sneaking up on you!

Healing just in time for school to start.

We said goodbye to the truck. Nick gave it to a friend for putting all of our sheet rock up. I'm glad to see it go but it was sentimental because this was my stay at home mom ride for the first year I was out of work. After my lease was up on my Eclipse I cruised in the truck! Nick was given this brand spankin new truck right off the lot by a friend several years ago. We were glad we could in turn give it to someone who needed it. He's been driving it ever since!

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