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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday

It's an older one but I love it. Rocco after his first haircut.
Decided to include a pre-cut picture too, to show how cute his curls were.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

I surprised the boys by picking them up about 30 minutes early from school Friday and took them to Jacksonville for a movie. Alice in Wonderland opened Friday and we were so excited to see it!! I was hesitant because it is a Tim Burton movie and well, that's self explanatory. But after reading the review at Focus on the Family's I decided to go for it. And we were so pleased!! What a great fairytale meets action movie! Be warned mothers of little princesses, there is a beheading at the end. It isn't gory, but it is a beheading. Ofcourse I have three boys and they loved it!! We did not splurge on the 3D or IMAX but wonder if we should have this time. We will be buying this one when it comes out! It isn't dark & scary but it is freaky. Would it be Alice in Wonderland if it weren't?

Jon & Jenn Hart's Shower

Tuesday, March 2nd, we threw a co-ed baby shower for a very special couple in our Sunday School class. Jon & Jenn Hart are expecting their firstborn, Kaitlyn Bea Hart on Aril 27th. The nursery is jungle themed so that's what we did with the shower too! The favor boxes were filled with Teddy Grahams & frosted animal crackers.

All the food wasn't on the table yet when this picture was taken but we had a LOT of food since the men were joining us.
The cake & punch table. Cake by Tasty Oven Cakery & the coffee punch by Lynne Jordan.
The welcome table. I made Thank You postcards to match her theme.
I LOVE these two ladies! Lynne Jordan & Tammy Roberts with their coffee punch mustaches.
Lots of wonderful presents for Baby Kaitlyn.
The glowing Mommy & Daddy.
More cute things
They were very thankful.
Congratulations Jon & Jenn! We look forward to meeting Baby Kaitlyn!!
Thank you Monica, Lynne, Tammy, Peggy, Karen, & Marella for helping!! And thank you to all the people who brought food to the shower!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Ben!!

My nephew Ben's birthday was February 26th. His mom & dad threw him a Curious George party Sunday, the 28th. We love you Ben Ben!!
Present time!
My dad even showed up. He lives 10 minutes from Stephen, in Jacksonville. Rocco has never met him & Dallon doesn't remember meeting him. Makes me sad, but I'm glad they saw him this day.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Rocco!!

Thadden Rocco Mirando
March 1, 2006
8lbs 15oz, 22 inches long

One year cake smash pictures.
Rocco, you are so special to us. Four years ago we were anxiously awaiting your arrival. Now we couldn't imagine life without you. We celebrated your special day Saturday, February 27th by having family & a few of your close friends over. You chose a Mickey Mouse theme and got so excited when you saw the decorations going up. We cooked hotdogs because they are one of your favorites and had cake & ice cream. You played hard and slept well that night.
Some of the things I love about you: Your sweet gentle kisses, your love & care for others, you make friends anywhere you go, of all ages. You love to talk about God. At the dinner table you always ask everyone to say their favorite thing about God. We love you and thank God for sending you to us! We look forward to seeing you transform into the man God desires for you to be.

Brothers..bestfriends forever.
Blowing out your candles.

Time to open the presents!

You enjoyed your friends and thanked them for coming.

Better late than never!

Dallon is our sweet, cautious, middle child. We have encouraged him to learn to ride his bike without training wheels for 2-3 years. He wasn't going to even try it until he was good & ready! That day finally came, on February 20th! (I was beginning to wonder if Rocco would learn before him.) Good job Dallon!! Mommy & Daddy are so proud of you!!

Hard Head

Thursday, February 18th at 11am I answered the phone at work, "Good Morning, First Baptist Church Hilliard." "Becky, I've had an accident, " said Mom. "Oh no, Mom! Are you OK? Is Rocco OK?" "Yes, but I think I need for you to come home and take me somewhere. I've fallen on the back porch and hit my head," said Mom. "I'll be right there!" I exclaimed. When I got home Mom had a big knot on her head that stuck out about 1 1/2 inches. Seriously! It was huge!!! Rocco was asleep in the car. She had gone to the post office, gotten home & decided to take some things inside then come back out & get him. On the way in the house she stopped at the garbage can to throw away her junk mail, turned around and tripped on the wagon handle. It all happened too fast and she did not use her arms to break her fall, she landed directly on her face! If she had used her arms she probably would have broken them! We loaded up in the car & took her to the closest ER, Fernandina Beach, about 40 minutes away. Well, we could have gone to Folkston, GA 10 min. up the road but it's not recommended. On the way to the hospital Rocco woke up and said, "Mommy, why are you in Gammy's car?" He knew I was supposed to be at work and he had no idea any of this had taken place. By the time we got to the hospital her swelling had already gone down significantly. We were blessed to get right in and get a friend from church (Barbara Stokes) as her nurse. They did a catscan and no breaks or internal bleeding/damage. God had truly used his angels that day as cushioning for her. It couldn't have been so much worse. If you know me then you know I played out the different scenarios in my head. 'What if Rocco had woken up, gotten out f the car & found her on the ground passed out ot worse, dead.' What would he have done?' I normally don't come home for lunch on Thursdays because I eat with Dallon at school but was running home at 12pm this day to grab a lunch Mom was making for me. (Sweet, I know.) Anyway, glad none of that happened and Mom was OK! They released her from the hospital telling her that there are rare cases where the internal bleeding doesn't show up right away and gave us a list of things to watch out for. This scared me because I remember what happened to Liam Neeson's, Natasha Richardson wife last year. I prayed for the best and trusted in the Lord. On the way home we stopped by my sweet friend Pam's to pick up Roman & Dallon, they had walked home with her boys since we weren't back when school got out. They weren't happy because they had just finished homework & hadn't started to play yet. While they were getting their things together Pam told me about a friend of hers that had been in a car accident and sent home with the same list of things to watch for. HE DIED THE NEXT DAY!!! WHAT?! Oh my gosh!! "Lord, I am really trusting you will heal Gammy!!" Mom knew she would get black eyes over the next few days. She looked much worse than she felt. Her body was more sore than anything over the next few days. It's been two weeks and she's all better now but here are some pictures from those days.
Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

Day 6

Thank you Jesus for keeping Gammy safe.