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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

I surprised the boys by picking them up about 30 minutes early from school Friday and took them to Jacksonville for a movie. Alice in Wonderland opened Friday and we were so excited to see it!! I was hesitant because it is a Tim Burton movie and well, that's self explanatory. But after reading the review at Focus on the Family's I decided to go for it. And we were so pleased!! What a great fairytale meets action movie! Be warned mothers of little princesses, there is a beheading at the end. It isn't gory, but it is a beheading. Ofcourse I have three boys and they loved it!! We did not splurge on the 3D or IMAX but wonder if we should have this time. We will be buying this one when it comes out! It isn't dark & scary but it is freaky. Would it be Alice in Wonderland if it weren't?

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  1. i was wondering if it was good!
    cute pic of the boys!