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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rocco's not a pirate anymore.

Rocco finally lost his pirate tooth.

A few years ago Rocco fell on concrete & knocked his tooth loose.  We thought for sure he would lose it early but he didn't.  It just turned black (the dentist explained that is blood in the tooth) & stuck around for what seemed like forever.  We called him our 'black toothed pirate'.  It was very loose back when school first started.  I used to do two sets of thirties on it every night at bedtime, knowing it was going to come out.  Nope.  Then it stopped being loose & started pointing backwards towards the back of his mouth.  Finally the dentist set an appointment for us to have it pulled March 5th.  A little over a week ago I noticed that the new tooth was coming down so I started trying again.  Finally Daddy pulled it right out!  Thank God I was able to cancel that dentist appointment!  Rocco was so brave.  This is right after it came out.
 This was today.  That new tooth is coming in so quickly.  He has four other loose ones so I have a feeling we'll be seeing another one come out soon.

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