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Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentines Day

Valentine's Day was last Tuesday.  A few minutes after the office opened at 9am, a friend's sweet grandmother stopped by the church office & delivered this beautiful plate of chocolate covered strawberries.  (Minus the two Doug & I already ate when I took this picture with my phone.)  She simply said, "April asked me to bring these to you."  So I said, "Wow!  Thank you so much!  Tell her we'll be sure to get her plate back to her."  That was it.  Then we enjoyed a few.  I had the biggest one, covered in spendid little mini chocolate chips!  YUM~O
I took this picture & posted it to Facebook to show everyone the sweet gift that had arrived at the church office, tagging April so she would get the credit.  I went back for another strawberry about an hour later.  They were so delicious & professional looking!  I decided I should text April a thank you, telling her how her surprise gift "soared my mood." 

At about 11:30 I was working at my desk & heard my phone restarting.  I don't ever remember my phone doing this by itself.  After that I heard about five texts come through.  The first of which read: "Do you mind if Nana drops off some strawberries for Jana Sheffield at the church?"  WHAT WHAT??  The panic, oh the hysterical panic!  What do you do but laugh?  Seriously.  Sorry April & Jana!  Next time a post-it-note on the plate might be beneficial.  Jana did wind up getting her strawberries, minus three.  She is so sweet & gracious that she tried to share the rest with us.  And April was so kind, she said it was a "beautiful mistake".  Turns out Nana had neglected to bring the second plate from the fridge too, so hopefully Jana got those as well.  I'm telling you, this Valentine's Day was more like April Fools (no punn intended).  Between the strawberry incident & the bicyclist that changed in our church parking lot.  Weird day.

Dallon's third grade class didn't have a Valentine's party but they did have nachos for meeting their AR goal.  But Rocco's class did have a party & these are the cupcakes I bought from Sam's (they make the prettiest, cheapest, yummiest cupcakes) for them to share.  These adorable printables were part of a package I won from Bird's Party.  Be sure to check her out for party planning ideas & follow her on Facebook so you can win something too!

Rocco picked the 'Kiss Me Quick', little player. 

The Ladybugs
My sweet Rocco

Josie, Zakk, Emma & Bella
Emma & Bella
Jake & Josh
I love this class.

Happy Valentine's Day

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