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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another Rocco Tale

On the way home from a Target & Wal-Mart run in Yulee tonight (because we live 30 min. away from everything) Mom was talking about how there are commercials about animals needing 'temporary adoption' homes because there are a lot of people joining the military. (I know my sentence was way too long. But who's grading?) She then started telling us (myself, Roman & Rocco....Daddy & Dallon were home) that when she was a little girl they had to give their family dog away when they moved to England. (Grandpa was in the Airforce.) She went on to say that when they moved back a few years later the people gave their dog back even though they didn't ask them to. So after that it was silent for a minute or two then Rocco says, "I had a tiger when I was a little boy." All 'matter of fact'. "He laid his head on me because he was tired. He ate cereal with me and we watched movies together." "We lived at Roman's house." I love this kid. I mean seriously, I think he is at the best place in his life right now. He cares about things but doesn't worry. He could just about do anything and get away with it because he is so darned cute. Love Love Love this boy. Thank you Jesus.

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