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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer Reading Group Wrap Up Party

Thursday we had our wrap up party for the summer reading group. Missed those of you that couldn't be here!!! Our family finished reading The Tale of Despereaux Wednesday night after church. JUST in time for the party! A lot of you are still reading it, don't stop now, finish!! As you know, we are in the middle of our remodeling so please excuse the mess. Although I have to say it was great not to have the wall there! (Look at my recent posts to see the befores and afters.) Everyone brought finger foods and the kids ate while they watched the movie. Parents hung out in the kitchen, eating, talking, laughing. One thing I noticed was the obvious, no wall = more noise = louder TV. Oh well, I still love it! Can't wait to see it all finished. Back to the party... I was so happy that the kids actually watched the movie. I wondered because a house full of kids might have been tempted to play vs. sitting still for almost two hours. I didn't get to watch it (yet) but I do know it's WAY different than the book. But that's to be expected I suppose. After the movie the kids went swimming. Dads hung out inside, moms outside. They swam for over an hour until it was dark. Turned out great! Thank you to all the kids AND parents.
See you next summer for our next book!

If you have any stories about your reading group experience please comment them to this page! I know Dawn has one!! =)

Here is a list of kids that were involved, & some pics from the party.

Adrienne Brown
Chas & Lily Bryant
Anna Buchanan
Aaron & Walker Burnette
Ethan & Jonas Coco
Macy, Miya & Morgan Harris
Dallon, Rocco & Roman Mirando
Cadie Pickett
Jacob & Lauren Ward

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  1. aw...looks like the kids had a great time watching the movie and in the pool!!!