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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Crown Biblical Financial Study

Well, Nick & I started a new Bible study Sunday. We have a small group at our church that has been asked to take this class in hopes that we will want to teach it to others. Although I was sad to put my Esther study on hold, I am thrilled to be a part of this class. And LOVE the fact that Nick & I are doing it together. This class will teach us God's perspective on money, materials and how we spend, save, invest, etc. I was asked by a friend recently where in the Bible it says to tithe BEFORE taxes. I was blown away! What???? At the time I said things like, "The Bible says to give your first fruits", "Jesus said to render unto Ceasar what is his and to give God what is His", "We are supposed to be hilarious givers. If we nit-pick, then are we really giving hilariously?" The response I got was, "One thing at a time! Atleast we're tithing!" Maybe it's because I am a rule follower, or maybe because I have seen first hand how God blesses when we are faithful AND how he witholds when we are not. But, I have since been haunted by that conversation because I wasn't able to go deeper and actually find Scripture for my sweet friend. It made me sad whenever I thought of it. After this class I don't think I will be caught off guard by those types of questions anymore. For that I am thankful. Not to mention how this is going to help our family. Nick & I were very excited to learn in the introductory session that we had been doing some things right. We live credit card debt free. I was SHOCKED to hear that the average family has $20k-$30k in credit card debt!!! What the heck? While we have done plenty of things wrong, God is good and He will help us get back on track and live financially free. Our desire has always been to pay off everything, including the mortgage and we just didn't know where to begin. I look forward to seeing what God is going to do in our lives. In the meantime, I have to learn a weekly memory verse. I'm really nervous about next week's, it's LONG! Here is this weeks, from memory ofcourse lol: Therefore if you have not been faithful in the use of worldy wealth who will entrust to you the true riches? Luke 16:11

For Fun: ANSWER ME THIS WITHOUT CHECKING FIRST ---> How many verses are in the bible regarding finances & possesions??? I'll post the answer soon! Dont' cheat! (My guess was 614.)

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