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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Marriage Retreat Jan 16-19, 2009

Nick & I went on our first annual Marriage Retreat with our church to Sevierville, TN this month.
We left Thursday night and stayed at Nick's sister's house in Blythewood, SC where we got to visit with two of our neices from CA. It was so good to see them, it had been years since we had seen one of them. We stayed up until 2am visiting w/them. Then the next day around noon we were off to TN!

We got to share a cabin with one of our favorite couples there, Josh & Kristen Musgrove. We couldn't let this time go by without playing a few practical jokes. If you know the Mirandos then you know we love to laugh. We wanted to do something that wouldn't be obvious, something that they would be too embarrassed to mention to us but would tell other people. Here's what we came up with...
We put coconut on the coffee table w/clippers and Josh/Kristen thought it was Nick's toenails. They told two other couples at lunch that day! Haha!!

We put a box of Personal Lubricant in the fridge (next to Josh's root beer) and tried to make it look like we were hiding it. We wanted them to say, "WHY THE FRIDGE?!"

We also found out that you can hear everything through the vents when you are in your bathroom. Although we really didn't want to hear them, we did want them to hear us so we made some gas (aka FART) noises through the vents. They loved this and started doing it right back to us! Two other jokes we never got to were filling up their jacuzzi tub and floating a BabyRuth in it......Switching with another couple so when Josh/Kristen woke up they would see that other couple come out of our room. That one was just more trouble than it was worth, but it would have been so funny! Anyway, they were great sports and we had so much fun!

We also had a very fun night playing games with Joel/Jennifer Hall and Greg/Kelly Burnette on Saturday after the session. We played Mad Gab & Cranium. They both were completely hilarious!

We had a great time unplugging and spending a lot of quality time as a couple. We didn't get to see any snow. It started snowing two hours after we left for home Monday. Maybe next year!

My only regret this time if that we didn't take enough pictures. In fact, we only walked away with ONE of us. Next year I'll remember! Here's a group picture Tonya took at the Apple Barn Saturday morning:


  1. Sounds like you guys had a great time...maybe next year.

  2. looks like ya'll had a blast! maybe we can go next year...but based on the pics you posted, i'm gonna request that our room be as far away as possible from yours and the jokester! j/k!

  3. I am laughing so hard right now! Can't wait to hear Kristen's version :-)