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Thursday, February 12, 2009

To bang or not to bang?

OK, I need some serious help. Step one is admitting it right? Well up until about 11 years ago I had bangs. Then for some reason, which I don't remember, I decided to let them grow out. I did get them cut again when Roman was a baby but only for as long as it took to grow them out again. Since then I have had conflicting opinions from those close to me. SOME say, "NO! You have the perfect forehead (six-head in my case) to be bangless because some foreheads are too small to go without them and they HAVE to wear them." OTHERS say, "GIRL, you need some bangs" (some are more blunt than others.) One of my dear friends who has known me banged and bangless (does that make any sense???) said she likes either, just NOT to do the version I had when Roman was a baby. Thanks a lot Friend! Anyway, I need to do something with this mushroom that has developed on my head. I thank you all who have been kind and not said anything, but true friends don't let other friends grow mushrooms you know. So, can I get some input? With Valentines Day coming up it made me think of Valentines Day 11 years ago, when Nick proposed. Which of course, made me think of all the changes in the last 11 years, good and bad. Well, some things will never be the same, good and bad again. And some things will take a while to improve. But the hair, I always had good hair, how did it come to this?! I'll be calling Lisa at Zan's soon. First I would like to decide what to do. I am in the process of growing it out. I'm thinking side bangs?? Should I bang?


  1. Side bangs would look great. Just remember to cut them longer than you really want at first :)

  2. I think you should go with side bands, cut angled. They would look soooooo good!