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Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Day of School

Me & my school boys..
Roman's a 4th Grader, Dallon's a 1st Grader
Dal w/Mrs. Hutchens
Roman w/Ms. Seldomridge
I think my boys got the prettiest teachers in the school...


  1. sooo sweet! hope they're enjoyin school and teachers!!
    i've been mia for a while...but i really enjoy your blog!!

  2. he's goin to be an air traffic controler. he's got to go to okl for his schooling and training!
    p90x is great but hardcor!!!! it totally kicks my butt!
    right now i'm borrowing matt & hollie's but i just order mine last week off of ebay!!

  3. they look sooo cute!! and ur right the teachers are very pretty!