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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lord of the Rings...The Fight

Nick and I have been teaching a marrieds Sunday School class for a little over two years now. We absolutely love these couples and consider it a privilege to be entrusted this responsibility by God. The name of our Sunday School class is Lord of the Rings. We primarily teach younger couples that have been married five years and up.

Several weeks ago we finished up a great marriage series with the engaged couples/newlywed class called Happy Hour, 2 for 1. Gotta love these names!! After the series we decided against going back in to the study all the other classes were doing and instead let our class vote. The options were to do another study focusing on marriage in our class or save that for special study times and choose from some short studies on our faith. The class voted to save the marriage series for our special times and focus on why we are Christians and how we can Glorify Christ. I was kind of surprised, I thought they would choose the marriage series...Nick was right, he thought they would choose these studies. Either way, can't go wrong.

So Nick has been teaching on a book written by John White called The Fight, A Practical Handbook for Christian Living. Back cover: There is joy and triumph in the Christian life. But the victory can come through struggle. John White knows this balance and give us encouragement to persevere. Here is the guide through the basic areas of Christian living we wrestle with throughout our lives: faith, prayer, temptation, evangelism, guidance, Bible study, fellowship, work. In this very personal book he offers new Christians sound first steps and older Christians refreshing insights into the struggles and the joy of freedom in Christ.

Christianity Today said: "If praying, studying the Bible, getting guidance, getting along with fellow Christians, witnessing, and the like are struggles for you, here's your book."
This is only one of the three covers I have seen this book with. It has been in print for many many years but you wouldn't know it. The forward:
"As you live the Christian life, you may have periods of darkness or of doubt. You may encounter painful struggle and discouragement. But there will also be moments of exultation and glory. And most important of all, you will become free."

Not everyone in our class has the book and it's not necessary to have it. But we have plenty of people at our church that own it and I'm sure they would be willing to loan it out. Or it only costs $10.50 and we can order it for you with free S&H at the church office.

Last week we learned about Satan's temptations, his deception and his devourment.

Are you a sinner? Do you believe God's son, Jesus, died for your sins? Do you believe He was raised back to life three days later? Have you asked Jesus to forgive you & help you understand all of this? What are you doing for God? Not sure where to begin? Are you part of a Sunday School class? We would love to have you! We're having a class party at Buchanan Park, here in Hilliard soon for our families . Come join us!

Class starts at 9:30 on Sunday mornings at:
First Baptist Church Hilliard
15850 County Road 108
Hilliard, FL 32046

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  1. i am really excited to hear more! i am just starting the book tonight! :)