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Monday, April 12, 2010

March Madness

What better way to start off a post than with a few silly faces?
Look at this HUGE strawberry!
My sweaty boys & their basketball awards.
Rocco insisted on sitting at the table to watch a little tv before bedtime. Roman was home three days of school in March with a stomach virus. Infact it hit all of us except Dallon! But Rocco was happy to have us home.
The boys give me a fit in the mornings! We do the same thing every morning, it's not like I switch it up. They should know this routine by now.
Rocco & Bubby
Time for the spring haircuts!
Roman before
Roman after
Ready for school. Judging by this picture who do you think upset Rocco?
This was a Friday morning, we (Rocco & I) took Roman to school then we took Dallon to breakfast, Dallon to the dentist, then back to school to drop Dallon off!
Did my planting in late March.
Let's see if I can get anything out of the Topsy Turvy this year. No such luck last year.
LOVE my new hydrangea.
New ferns, everything died over our cold winter.
Hanging ferns & petunias.
My favorites, gerber daisies. Along with a new kind of daisy & marigolds.
My little gameheads, Rocco & Dallon.
Cleaned up Roman & Dallon's room & dressed the bed for Gramma Freckles' visit tomorrow, April 1st!
Picture day at school.

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  1. Looks like a fun filled month! I am inspired by your green thumb. I can't wait to get done with all this painting so I can get planting!