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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Roman hit the double digits last month!

Wow. Roman, I can not believe you are 10! Seriously, it has gone by so fast. I cherish all the moments and stages you have gone through. You are such a special boy that brings a lot of joy to our lives. I love how you are particular about how things should be done. You like routine and expect things to stay the way they have been done unless there is a good reason for the change. You are truly my twin. Doors need to be closed, lights turned off, you know hands get washed whenever you come home & homework gets done ASAP. The one thing I haven't been able to get you to understand is teeth get brushed in the AM & PM. That's still a battle ten years into it. We all have to have our downfalls don't we? I love watching you play sports, your favorite is soccer & you do well. I also enjoy watching you interact with your friends, you are getting bigger and have entered in to the "Hey Dude, what's up" stage. Your cute little baby cheeks have been replaced by very handsome slender cheeks which I know will become more chiseled the older you get. Roman, one of my favorite things about you is your love for others. You are always concerned about how others are doing and bring home prayer requests often. You also notice small children and comment on how cute they are. I sometimes hear you say, "Awwww" as we pass by a baby or toddler. I love that about you. You are still my snug buggler and I love when you take my hand or crawl up into my lap. There is always room for you there, no matter how big you get. Thank you for being my boy.

This year you chose to celebrate by taking some of your closest friends to Adventure Landing and spending the afternoon. We weren't sure if it was going to happen because everyone but Dallon came down with a horrible stomach virus and you missed three days of school, the week leading up to the party. We were well enough to carry on but unfortunately it hit Daddy & Gammy the weekend of. Gammy did not make it but Daddy braved through then spent the rest of the weekend in bed. I know you probably don't ever remember Daddy getting sick, it doesn't happen often, but this is proof. Back to the party; you had a fun filled day of pizza, video games, laser tag & golf. It went on for four hours!! Here are some pictures of that day:

The day started out with some yummy strawberries & an apple arriving via FedEx from Auntie Teri, Uncle Jeff & the girls. I forgot to get a picture before we indulged.
Wouldn't be the same without some teasing from the girls.
Audie & Roman gaming it.
Dallon, one day we will forget that you proudly wear the crown (shared with Daddy because he is your twin) of 'King of the mess makers'.
Love was in the air.
Presents!! Everyone was very generous! Thank you!
There was some dancing too!
Candle/cake time! You had a soccer/football/basketball cake from Sam's. You picked marble instead of your favorite chocolate because Raven doesn't like chocolate and you like Raven. (insert awwww here)
Thank you Mr. Audie for helping Dallon at basketball!
Dallon had a blast on ski-ball!
Promise & Rocco pouting because Promise got bitten by her imaginary giraffe.
You can't tell here but Rocco was NOT happy about me teaching him. He already knows how to play mini-golf! How was I supposed to know?
Raven & Amy
Look at this loot!

Happy Birthday my Love.

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