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Friday, April 30, 2010

Remodeling Part Deux

Last June I blogged about the extensive remodeling project we started. *heavy sigh* Well, it had a great start but fizzled out and was put on hold. Mostly because Nick started his graduate school program and has been very busy with that. Also because Nick was just not thrilled about keeping the cabinets we had in the kitchen but we couldn't see us adding new cabinets into the budget. A few months ago Nick found a great display kitchen full of cabinets at a store (Contractor's Best) that had been bought by another company (Home Renovations). It was as if these cabinets had been made for our kitchen! He went back & forth with them about buying the cabinets & the granite counter tops from them and sealed the deal just before spring break. I said that my one condition would be that the projects would get completed and would not be put off any more. I miss entertaining in my home! So, over spring break the old cabinets were removed, new ones installed, old ones sold through It was great! Next, the counter tops were coming from the same company so they came out & measured but didn't have enough granite in the one lot to do them. We didn't want to risk the second lot being different from the first so we opted to wait for the next lot of Jaguar granite. It is scheduled to be installed May 6th. We'll be out of town but Mom will be here & we can't wait to arrive home to see it on May 9th. Happy Mother's Day to me! Here are some pictures of the work & new cabinets. BIG thank you to our friend Web Brown for his help & expertise! He IS for hire if you need any work done.

Number next, we had to purchase a new range when ours went out after being moved last summer. Actually, the stove still worked so we went without the oven for about four months and cooked with the stove, grill, crock pot, microwave & toaster oven. When looking for a new range we decided to go with all stainless steel appliances. We thought we would wait to purchase the refrigerator, dishwasher & microwave but again, Nick found a deal. The state had a rebate program going on for a week that gives you 20% back on energy saving appliances, plus Lowe's had a 10% sale, plus Nick's 10% military discount. We went with Whirlpool Gold, which just so happened to match our range. I opted for the french door fridge w/ice & water in the door. Nick will be installing the dishwasher & microwave tomorrow. I've already sold our old dishwasher but am hoping to sell our old fridge too. Here are a few pictures of the new fridge.

Tonight Nick is out shopping for a new faucet. I REALLY want one of those with the pull down head that easily maneuvers around. Over the years we have wasted money on generic types that look like them but don't function like them. Now I want the real deal! I found this one online, it may be what we get. Peerless Stainless Steel Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet With Pull Down Spray

After the counter tops are installed we have a lot of trim work to do with the cabinets. I still have to pick out tiles for the back splash. I like glass tiles & I like some of the metal looking accent tiles that have fruit embossed on them. I also like what a friend of mine did with her tiles on her range back splash, she painted them all different colors. I know I want an olive green color on the few walls that will show. And we need to schedule a flooring party. So don't not answer your phone we you see our number on your caller ID! *wink*


  1. It looks amazing! I know you are excited to see the "finish line". Maybe we should make a bet to see what gets finished first... your kitchen or our exterior paint job! (I bet you win!) At least your project is INSIDE unlike ours which EVERYONE can see!!!

  2. I'm so jealous about the fridge, I LOVE it!! You're going to LOVE your granite, we have it and I don't know what I did before it. The faucet that pulls out are great too!!

  3. WOW! What a project! It really looks good :)
    I wanted to reply to your comment about the book club. The Hatchet by Gary Paulsen is a great book for children - I'm not exactly sure on what age it is for but a great book! :)