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Thursday, August 19, 2010

It's fun to stay at the Y-M-C-A

We went to a handful of birthday parties for some very sweet friends at the YMCA this summer. We didn't remember our camera for all of them. Here are some of our favorite pictures. Jake Franklin turned 5!
His Aunt Amy made the cake. They are a family of loggers on Jake's mother Tara's side. So this cake was perfect!
Our kids probably ate a normal years worth of hotdogs all in one summer! It was a hotdog kind of summer.
Daddy likes to play in the pool too!
There's a cool little splash park that connects to the pool that all my boys love!
The water spouts go higher when you stand on a few of them.I love this picture of Roman in the air, under the spash!
Dallon has a plan...
Great idea for a HOT summer evening! However, Nick & I guessed there is probably some YMCA rule against doing this so it didn't last long.
They all have their own preference of cooling off.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think Rocco's diggin it.
I love this one of Roman & Rocco bracing eachother for the splash!

OK, let me explain this one incase you haven't ever noticed Rocco's smile. Rocco must have bumped his tooth at some point over the last couple of years (we don't recall anything in particular) because it is grey. (This also happened with Dallon at the same age but we recall that incident.) He also had a cavity in between his teeth which the doctor drilled out and fixed. But about a month ago the filling popped out and he goes late August to have it replaced. Well his daddy calls him the 'Black Toothed Pirate' and told him to go rinse it off in the water spout. I thought it was kinda gross because that water can't be the cleanest. But Daddy won and the Black Toothed Pirate is rinsing it off. Like it was going to fix the two problems? Ha Ha.
Another angle
My guess is it simply cleaned out his nose.
Ha! Love this picture of Dallon! If we are even close to water he wants his goggles. I'm surprised he doesn't ask for them when it's raining, heehee.
Lauren turned 6!
The yummy lady bug cupcakes were strawberry inside!!
Happy Birthday Lauren!
We gave her the Pocahontas DVD, bubbles & a Barbie because every little girl loves Barbies! Right? I love picking out little girl gifts.
We are sad to see our YMCA close this summer. We have had so many great memories at the YMCA since we moved here. We joined when we first moved here then I became an employee for about three years, working in Child Watch, which gave us a free membership. After I ended my employment we didn't join again but we participated in all the sports they had to offer throughout the eight years we have lived here. Nick coaching multiple teams every season except for one. We will miss the YMCA!
We're hoping the town finds a way to keep the pool up & running next year. Today is the last day of the pool for this season.
This matter was such a heartbreak to our Community that Gammy (who did hold a membership) contacted Ken Amaro from CLICK HERE to go to the article. (The video wasn't available anymore.)

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