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Thursday, August 26, 2010

South Carolina

Just before school started we took the kids to see Uncle Jeff, Auntie Teri (Nick's sister), Gabby & B~Bop in South Carolina. We didn't take a vacation this summer since we had just gone to Disney in May but in the boys minds, this was vacation.
We got to see them test for & receive their yellow belts in Tae Kwon Do.
Pretty Teri busy in the kitchen
Kiddos playing with Pixos
B~Bop teaching Rocco how to play the Wii
Usually the girls come visit us & they have to play with the 'boy toys', this time the boys had to play with the 'girl toys'. They thought they were pretty cool!
On the way to the Naval Base water park we visited Home Depot for the boys first workshop.
Rocco had a great time!
Dallon loved this!
Roman too
Not sure why Rocco was crying but it probably had something to do with leaving.
The girls have some neighbor boys close in age to our boys so they were back & forth to eachothers houses. This is Rocco & Easton.
Their little sister Braelyn was in the middle of all the action!
Jeff & Teri's beautiful home
Dallon asked me to take a picture of him in front of each car. First, Uncle Jeff's truck.
Auntie Teri's truck
And our Jeep
Roman with Easton, London & their doggie.
Pink? So what!
Waiting on Uncle Jeff & Daddy to come back from a motorcycle ride.
Did he just mark his territory?
There they are! And yes, Jeff does have a pink cast on his leg. He injured himself at work & had to have surgery. This was only about a week after the surgery.
Nick was in his element.
Dinner then a movie in the living room!
'Diary of a Wimpy Kid'
Oh yeah?!
Teri's taking pictures too! I caught her in her Australian garb. They spent the last year in Australia for Jeff's job. It's good to have them home!
Nick enjoyed the movie but I think we were torturing Jeff.
After a great visit we had to head home.
Almost there
Look what was waiting for us in the yard when we got home! Praise the Lord for Teri's family only being 4 hours away. Most of Nick's family is in CA.

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