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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Menu Plan Sunday 9/13

Recap: Everything was pretty routine this week. The new dish I fixed (FIX AND FORGET HOTDISH) was good. I think I liked it better than everyone else. Because of that I'm not sure I'll do it again unless I'm looking to use up some ground beef, which is why I did it to begin with. The Tuscan Chicken Simmer ( is always good. I added about a 1/4 can peas to sneak veggies in on my boys. (I don't make them eat the mushrooms.) The recipe says to put the cheese on in the pan but it melts & blends to quickly so we do it on each plate. Here's a picture:

Close up:
Friday night we ate @ St. Johns Seafood with some couples from church. Saturday night Nicky & I went on a date to feed his craving for the AUCE shrimp feast at Red Lobster. Great service, great food! Look forward to our GNO there this Friday. Ladies, we still have 3 spots open, join us!!

This week's menu:

Sunday: For lunch we had the meal we never got to. Chicken Sausage w/Mac & Cheese & Green Beans We buy Harvestland Chicken Sausage and grill it. Here's what the package looks like. It has Asiago cheese and peppers in it, very tasty! For dinner we had leftovers.

Monday: Leftovers since Nick's @ school

Tuesday: Roast cooked in crock pot w/potatoes & carrots
Spray crock pot, cut a 3.5-4lb roast in half, rub flour all over it & place in crock pot
Mix 1 pouch of onion soup mix & one pouch of brown gravy mix w/2cups of water, stir together well then pour over roast
Wash red potatoes & place in crock pot (small or cut to small)
Put carrots on top
Cover & cook on low 8 hours
**Roasts are BOGOF through Tuesday @ Winn Dixie**

Wednesday: Lasagna @ church

Thursday: Bar-B-Q Chicken on grill w/corn on the cob & Salad
You could add a starch..we try to load up on veggies and not do as many starches, although technically corn is a starch! As for the chicken, we buy the large bag of flash frozen Tyson breasts at Sam's and I'll brush Bar-B-Q sauce on them while grilling.

Friday: GIRLS NIGHT OUT! I'll be eating with 12-15 women at Red Lobster and the boys will fend for themselves.

Saturday: Not real sure yet but thinking kabobs.. Steak, pearl onions, pineapple, potatoes, tomatoes

Happy Cooking!!


  1. Reading that makes me hungry and I just ate!!! Can we come every night to your house for dinner?? :)

  2. After (if) we ever get our renovations done you guys will have to come have dinner with us for real!