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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Menu Plan Sunday 9/20

Recap: The roast/potatoes/carrots were awesome, as usual! It's a no-fail recipe.

This is what they looked like at 8am: This is what it looked like at 4pm: I don't peel my carrots ever since I heard Rachel Ray say I didn't have to! It was so freeing for me since I'm a rule

Finished product:We didn't get to Thursday's Bar-B-Q Chicken because the church sent lasagna home with us & Nick didn't eat it Wed. My boys loved it we actually had it Wed. & Thurs! Friday we had a fantastic time on Girls Night Out, Red Lobster & Love Happens. Deanna & I split two appetizers, Lobster pizza & Lobster Artichoke Cheese dip/chips. They were both yummy & our checks were less than $11/each INCLUDING TIP!! Although I added to my tip because Chris is a great waiter. (Yes, I know the waiter by name now, spent last two weekends getting to know him.) Saturday we had various leftovers, trying to make room in fridge.

This week

Sunday: For lunch I had a BLT (my FAVE sandwich) but my boys had their fave, Daddy's spaghetti! For dinner I think we'll hit Wendy's...been a while..

Monday: Leftovers since Nick's at school

Tuesday: Bar-B-Q Ribs on grill w/corn on the cob & Salad

Wednesday: Chicken Pot Pie @ church

Thursday: Grilled Pork Chops (sprinkled w/dry steak seasoning), Mac-n-cheese, Green Beans (sprinkled lightly w/onion powder, garlic salt & Parkay spray then microwaved in my Pampered Chef steamer), Pear halves (w/a dollop of mayo, sprinkle of shredded cheese, half cherry on top) I grew up on these pear halves! They make a beautiful display & are either loved or hated. We have 3 that LOVE & 3 that won't even try them, bah humbug! Let me know what your family thinks! You're not going to believe this (OK, maybe you will) but I googled & found this picture! I'll try to remember to take my own too:

Friday: Steak kabobs w/onions/potatoes/pineapple, sliced green peppers, tomatoes & cucumbers

Saturday: Crock Pot Coney Dogs Just seems perfect for a football day! Will have to make some plain ones for the boys..

Happy Cooking!!


  1. We love the pears too! My Granny makes them all the time. I never think to make them at home, but I will have to start....they are so good! And we all like them in our house (because you know Cale will eat ANYTHING)!

  2. im not so sure about this pear thing,..i love pears so i will try it and let u know!!