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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Where? The Fair!

Yesterday I met about 20 friends at Cracker Barrel for breakfast before heading to the Southern Women's Show. This served as October's Girls Day Out. Deanna rode with Mom & I, I think it's tradition now. We enjoyed walking around the show together. I won tickets a few days ago on The Lighthouse 89.3fm so all we had to pay for was parking. I didn't buy anything this year. I think it was smaller than usual too because we usually stay ALL day and we were gone by 1pm!?! Weird, and kind of disappointing. Anyway, I wish I had some pics of breakfast but I didn't take my camera.. I'll add later if one of the girls posts some pics!

It was a beautiful day so I called Nick on the way home and asked him about us taking advantage of this gorgeous cool weather by taking the boys to the fair! Where? The fair ofcourse! It arrived Thursday and would be here for a few weeks. But if you are from around here you know it usually brings rain so we didn't hesitate! Our family looks forward to the Callahan fair every October! We love the kiddie rides, the animals, sausage w/peppers & onions, funnel cakes, blooming onions (didn't see any this year??), the boiled peanuts, I could go on and on and on.. We just love the fair!

Rock-N-Roll was SOOO happy!

Dallon wanted to get a picture on the horse with the rifle.

Roman took fire in his fighter jet.

Look at that smile! I like this pic because it captured two of my babies.

My boys were rocking out together on the stage.

I think this is my favorite of all the fair pictures! Speaks for itself.. At the end Rocco looked up and yelled, "That was fun!" I knew he'd love it!!

My boys and their guns..

Nick said it's amazing that a ride that would be so annoying to us (because of the bumps & jerks) would be so pleasing to the boys..

Roman is such a great big brother! Rocco got up smiling.

Gotta love that Dal!




Roman was too big for these so I had him at the big bumper boats when Nicky caught this great shot.

And this one..

Truckin it

Rocco & Daddy

And we'll finish off with Roman in the ferris wheel. He rode with two girls... heehee

On our way home we stopped by the Redbox and picked up this fantastic family movie!


  1. Such fun! I felt like we were there with you guys! Great pictures and you look beautiful! Love the hair!

  2. Looks like fun! We rented Monsters vs Aliens from the Redbox this weekend.

  3. i miss the womens show every year!! one day i'm going to make it! it always sounds like sooo much fun!
    looks like the little ones enjoyed the fair!! can't wait to take kennedy!!
    have a blessed week!