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Saturday, October 24, 2009

"You got sumpin else for me?"

Notice the fruit punch stained upper lip..

After a very busy day Rocco & I sat down & shared a strawberry poptart. A few minutes afterwards he walk up to me as cute as can be & asked, "You got sumpin else for me?" I quickly decided to take full advantage of this oppurtunity and said, "As a matter of fact I do." I motioned for him to come closer, then I pulled him up to my lap. I said, "Close your eyes." Which he did, but he always covers them with his hands too, so I said, "Move your hands." He knew exactly what I was up to and said, "No! No kissing, I want sumpin else!" His smile & sweetness overwhelmed me! This boy knows his mommy well enough to know what my next move was. Well, I did get my kisses.. Then I went to the store and got him the sumpin else he wound up clarifying for me.. A chicken leg.. I love this kid that you have put in my life Lord Jesus!! Thank you!!

Today in the car Rocco was singing a song that Dallon had prompted.. It went like this.. Roman & Raven sittin in the bacon chair, first come kissin, this is where Rocco erupted in to laughter.. We all know that's not how it goes but that's what he heard Dallon singing.

I am fully convinced that the age three is my absolute favorite age. Each age is special but there is something about the age three, when they can now communicate in their innocent, precious way. . This is usually the time when I have another baby but we are now complete. I will soak these boys up and enjoy them as gifts on loan from God. I know they will grow faster than I can imagine...

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