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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Day #18 I am thankful for...

...our boys teachers & Hilliard Elementary! We have the best teachers! Not one complaint. Praise God! This is Roman's last year in elementary school. Seems like yesterday I was bringing him to kindergarten orientation then meeting my friends Alana Isham & Jeni Johns at McDonalds to let the kids play. They don't even have a playground there anymore. Next year Roman will start middle school & Rocco will move up to elementary. Here is a stroll down Memory Lane.
(I wish I had more to post but these are the only ones I have on this computer.)
We love I Am A Promise Preschool too. This is Dallon with Mrs. Jessica, one of his wonderful preschool teachers.
Roman's first day of 2nd grade.
Roman & Mrs. Vanzant, 2nd Grade
In Kindergarten they have a few starting days, this was the first one.
This was the second & full day of Kindergarten for Dallon.
Dallon & Mrs. Graves, Kindergarten
Roman & Mrs. Lawrence, 3rd grade
4th & 1st Grade
Dallon & Mrs. Hutchens, 1st Grade
Roman & Mrs. Cason, 4th Grade
2nd & 5th Grade
Dallon & Mrs. Vanzant, 2nd Grade (Yes this was also Roman's 2nd grade teacher.)
Roman & Mrs. Boatwright, 5th Grade

This made me realize I need to get a picture of Rocco with his Preschool teachers as well as Roman with his other teacher, Amanda Moore. (Who was also his 1st Grade teacher.) Many of these teachers are also our friends. We have been blessed

Not pictured: Roman with his PreK teachers, Roman with Mrs. Stevens (Kindergarten), Roman with Mrs. Moore (1st Grade.)

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