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God's child. Nick's wife. Roman, Dallon & Rocco's mommy. These are the things I would never change.

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Day #23 "I am thankful for... mommy, for Daddy, Roman, Dallon, Gammy, my dog Jack, my house, and God. I have a lot! Right Mommy?! Right?! A LOT. I'm thankful that Daddy goes to work & listens to his boss. I'm thankful that Mommy goes to work at church and the thing I love about Mommy and am thankful for is she takes care of me. Gammy leaves and takes me with her. OH! And, she like brings me to the post office with her. And I'm thankful for Dallon because he hugs me a lot. And the thing I love about Roman is that I let him play with my Bendaroos. He loves my Bendaroos. And I'm thankful for having school nights off and time with Mommy on Fridays and going to Publix with her. There are a lot of things I'm thankful for about Grandma Freckles too. I'm thankful she comes to our house & we pick her up from the airport. I'm thankful for chicken! I'm thankful for God! (I wish I could show you how he danced when he said this last one about God.)" Thadden, age 4

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