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Friday, November 19, 2010

Day #19 I am thankful for... mattress pad warmer. Especially nights like lastnight when our temps were in the 40s! Some of my thankful posts are spiritual, some sentimental, some practical. About three years ago I was on the hunt for an electric blanket that had two different controls. Nick likes to crawl into a cold bed, I like to crawl into a warm bed. He could sleep with just a sheet, I like warm blankets. When I mentioned an electric blanket to him he gasped! In my search I found a WestPoint Home mattress pad warmer at JC Penney 50% off! We put it on every November & take it off to pack away approximately March. I turn my side on a higher setting a few hours before bed then turn it down lower when crawling in. Nick usually only uses his on freezing nights. I'm thinking Roman's about ready for his own.
To get one you can go to JC Penney or this link: mattress pad warmers

They just happen to be on sale! Don't forget to use a coupon!

This coupon is good through Tuesday, November 23rd. $10 off $50 or $15 off $75

Here's a free shipping code for you: BUYAGIFT

Happy Thanksgiving!!

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