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Friday, July 9, 2010

1st & 4th Grade Field Days

The last few weeks of school the different grades have field day. I remember this fun day when I was a kid! Dallon's was different this year, they had it at the local park instead of at the school. It was neat because they walked from the school! I was working but I took off for an hour to meet Dallon. As soon as I got there he showed me his favorite 'station', the bowling! He thought it was funny that every time he left & returned the volunteers would say "You back again? You must like this one!"
Dallon & Jamie Clarke bowling Ring toss with Hannah Smith & Caleb Richard.
Oops, someone aimed a little too high!
On the playground!
Dallon & his pisan Lincoln Seldomridge (Mrs. Cason's oldest son)
Dallon with his two favorite buddies, Jamie & Lincoln.
Dallon, Jamie, Lincoln & Caleb Vansickle
Those jump rope are bound to become some sort of weapons!
There were A LOT of other children, teachers & parents there but I guess I didn't get a picture of them. They were mostly in the shade, at the picnic area.
Now, on to Roman's field day! I had to work this day too but it started at 8am so I just went in a few minutes late. It was a HOT muggy day but at least it was overcast. Or it would have been unbearable! When Roman & I arrived the kids were writing reasons why they should or should not be a part of the water balloon toss. And look at Mrs. Cason's room all packed & ready for summer! She's on the ball! And she's moving to the middle school so she REALLY had some packing to do. (At the time she thought she was moving to first grade.)
Now this is what I remember! Good ole' competition on field day!
Look at my speedy boy!
Pop that balloon Roman!
Roman & his boys: Parker, Trey, William & Tyson (Poor William's face was swollen from a bee sting so he's hiding.)
My fourth grader, for a few more days..
Roman's girl Raven Blair.
Mrs. Cason did not want to lose so she explained each step! Love it!
Hailey Thornton & Roman pulling Trey Park.
Love Amy's face while Aaron & Caitlin are pulling her!
Raven's cracking up while these guys are pulling her!
Roman's friends since preschool, Amy Lee & Reagan Ritsma.
Mrs. Cason had to help this time! Look at Kourtney's face!
Roman's ready to be the wheelbarrow!
Roman & Aaron were so fast!!!
Made it!
It was a great day. Now on to 2nd & 5th.
*heavy sigh*

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