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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2nd Annual Schools Out Blow Out

The last day of school is one of my favorite days of the year! The excitement builds up inside of me as if I were off for the summer! I just love it!!! This year I took the entire day off so I could prepare for our 2nd annual pool party. The kids got out at 11am. So about 10:55 I walked down to meet them. They would be bringing home a few friends to come swimming.
I love this picture for a few reasons. 1) It's the first batch of released kids. 2) Walker Burnette is the very first kid. He is leaving Hilliard Elementary this year (going to Hilliard Middle) and didn't even have to go to school today but was excited to go & say goodbye. So I thought this was perfect that he was the first one out!
Here's my group. Trey Park & Raven Blair are coming home with Roman. Jamie Clark is coming home with Dallon. (The other kid just walks with them.)
Each year I ask the kids to bring either a box of drinks or a bag of chips, then I cook hotdogs & serve dessert. So I knew they would need help carrying things.
Trey, Roman, Jamie, Dallon & Raven
Love this. Roman walking in between two of his favorite friends. We couldn't wait to get home & see if anyone had shown up yet! Gammy was waiting there & Rocco was already in the pool.
We start immediately after school & set no ending time. We just let the kids go until they've had enough. It lasted about four hours this & last year.
They swim, eat, play & repeat.
Pool fun
The parents.. When inviting I tell the parents that they are welcome to drop off their kids as long as I have a few parents to help out. I always enjoying hanging out with the friends who stay. This year Patrick & Becky Ward joined us. It just happened to be the day Patrick returned home. He works 14 days in LA on an oil rig & gets to come home for 14 days. We enjoyed having him.
The future Mr. & Mrs. Rocco Mirando
Promise, Rocco, Lauren & Praislyn in the back
Brogan & Praislyn
Pool, bikes, toy guns, sprinklers, just a day of fun!
And don't forget the water balloons!
Raven got bombed!
She's no scaredy cat though!
More pool time
Cameron Isham
Roman & his buddies
When everyone was leaving Praislyn wanted to stay. She wanted me to pick her up but she had the dirtiest bottom from sitting in a bunch of places all day so I said no. Roman quickly said, "I'll pick her up!" He didn't care, he just loves her.
Go to last year's 1st Annual Schools Out Blow Out & check out how much these kiddos have grown!

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