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Thursday, June 4, 2009

1st Annual Schools Out Blow Out!

I have always wanted to do this, so I finally put it in action this year! The boys picked a hand full of friends each to invite over immediately after school for swimming, hotdogs & ice cream sundaes! It was so fun! If we had a 'real' pool we would invite both of their classes and some more! One day.. For now, this was perfect! Thanks to Daddy for working so hard on getting the pool up in time!! I also really enjoyed the time spent sitting around talking with friends..
Here are a few pics of the kiddos:

This is one of my best girls, Pam Ash w/her two girls Promise & Praislyn. Her boys Audie & Alijah are our boys' ages. We love this family..

Dallon, Braden & Rocco.. Don't you love the goggles? I do..

Look at these cute boys! Rocco & Brody.. We had about 5 min. of rain so we hung out under the carport with the sand.

Roman's girl...This is Raven, she has been friends with these guys since they were all in 3 year old preschool together! She is smarter & faster than all of them & they love it!

My brave Rocco..

Caleb.. I love this kid!

Fun had by all..

Praise the Lord for these sweet times..


  1. That would have been the greatest thing when I was young. On the last day of school swimming and hanging out with friends!

  2. I always had a end of the year pool party...some of my best childhood memories!