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Saturday, June 20, 2009

09' Soccer Season

Roman absolutely loves soccer! Dallon, he could take it or leave it. I wasn't going to sign Dallon up this year because the last sport he played was football, last Fall, and he would hike the ball then sit in the middle of the field while the game played all around him.

Especially now that we have to pay full price, because I'm not an employee at the YMCA anymore. Nick coaches both Roman & Dallon's teams, but they only give $10 off each team for that. Can you believe that?! But Dallon asked us to let him play, so we did. He did better! Even got some goals for his momma! Still took more breaks than he was supposed to... But at least he didn't run off to the playground in the middle of the game while I was tending to Rocco, like he did two years ago.

This soccer season was full of disappointment, but not in the children. The management at the Y could have handled some of the schedule changes better. And there were some they couldn't help due to rain. By the end we were all just as happy to end the season as we were to start it. They didn't do a big party after the last game like they usually do..oh well, really not a huge deal, little disappointed.. Then they gave out medals instead of trophies. I kind of thought the kids might like this because it was different. But they didn't, and neither did their parents. They did look nice though.. But we're still waiting on Dallon's because his name was mispelled.. I do have to say that the kids were as cute as ever! I can't believe that Roman's on the bigger team! And the parents were simply amazing this year! And I am a big fan of Myron Saunders' so I have to give a shout out to him (our referee.) Here are some of my favorite pics from the season.

They move in herds at this age.

That's my Dal!

Go Dallon!!!

Closing in prayer

Roman traveling down the field

GO ROMANNNNNNNN (not sure who's head that is that I should have cropped out)
Love these four frames:

Roman getting his medal (It was raining when Dal got his so I didn't have the camera out)

Rocco will start playing next year!


  1. Shame on you, Becky! You make Moms like me look bad! I have no interest in offering the sports! Pics are too cute!

  2. aww i love the one praying and the one sitting becasue that would sooo be me! sitting on the ground!! lol