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Monday, June 22, 2009

Busy but Wonderful Weekend..

Friday night Pam & I met Darlene in Jacksonville for a pedicure, then dinner at Cracker Barrel to celebrate Darlene's birthday. Happy Birthday D!!! We had a great time getting pampered...
Then getting our eat on...and lots of laughs in between..
Thanks Girls!

Friday night Braden Whittenburg spent the night with Dallon, Roman & Rock.. This picture is actually from a different visit.. Beans on I was out with my pisans I wasn't able to take pics.. But I hear they had lots of fun swimming & eating McDonalds and trying to get Dallon to be quiet so they could go to sleep. Saturday morning Roman, Dallon & Braden & I were off to see Up! VERY good movie. Our original plan was to see Land of the Lost but I have heard it stinkies!! So Up it was! And like I said, GREAT movie!

After Up we went to Trade Secret for some shampoo, conditioner and FRIZZ CONTROL for my mop. A fantastic hairstylist friend of mine (Carla Horne at Nancy Salano: recommended the Redken 09 on her Facebook page and when I got to Trade Secret I just couldn't remember if it ws 09 or 05 so I went with the 05 and I've only used it once but it is awesome. Hope it continues to tame my out of control frizz..

Trying the Joico (love this brand) Shampoo & Conditioner for thick/coarse hair.

The boys were so good and they wanted to go to the indoor playground in the mall so off we went! I realized for the first time that my babies have outgrown that playground.. So sad.. We have many memories stopping by there for a few minutes of play.. Next we went to Cracker Barrel (yes, again!) for lunch. Braden & I shared a chicken & dumpling platter with hasbrown casserole, mac & cheese & green beans. Roman & Dallon shared a blueberry pancake plate. After that we headed to Redbox to pick out a movie. Roman picked out 'Brother's War'. We've been watching so many war movies lately, he's going to be a history buff like his daddy! Don't rent this 'B flick'. I didn't have the heart to tell Roman but it was awful... Good thing we were using one of our free codes to get it. (But we did forget to turn it in Sunday so we wound up paying a $1.. Ooof.)

Molly & Gabe came to pick Braden up shortly after we arrived home Saturday afternoon.

Sunday was Father's Day and we celebrated by worshipping together at church then spending the day as a family, sticking close to home to avoid the hectic restaraunts. We gave him a t-shirt with the boys picture and two bags of his favorite candy. What a fun weekend. Neither of our dads keep in contact with us, unfortunately they decided years ago to move in different directions than the families they had started. So our focus is on Nick and his daddyhood. We are thankful that God has blessed us with such a wonderful family. Happy Father's Day Super-Fly Schnooka!!!

I have to put in this plug about Bro. Wayne's sermon Sunday. It was on the Holy Resposibility of Fathers, out of Ephesians 6:1-4. What a great sermon! It was a no-frills call to parents on our responsibilities. I can't quote it exactly but Bro. Wayne quoted a saying that we (parents) have created life and this life has an eternal destiny in either Judgement or Glory and it is our responsibility to guide them to Glory. Do you want your child looking at you on judgement day asking 'Why didn't you tell me?' NOT ME! He also talked about having joy in the home and whether our children see God's love in us. Do they see us admit wrong and repent? Do they look to see what kind of mood we are in when we get home? Do they walk around on glass with no room to make mistakes? Wow.. If you would like a copy email the office at

Ephesians 6
1(A) Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. 2(B) "Honor your father and mother" (this is the first commandment with a promise), 3"that it may go well with you and that you may live long in the land." 4Fathers, do not provoke your children to anger,(C) but bring them up in the discipline and instruction of the Lord.


  1. I can not wait until our next adventure! I love you, my friend! :)

  2. i wont judge u at all for eating cracker C B twice i would eat it eveyday if it was closer!!! hehe

  3. I am pretty jealous right now seeing as how I have been craving CB ever since I passed the billboard on 95 last week.