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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Summer Elementary Reading Group (6-10yr olds)

Join us in this summer reading group! I am targeting 6-10 year olds but you are wlecome to join us if your kids are younger or older. (6-10yr olds is what age group the books will be geared for.) We are starting Freckle Juice tomorrow, Monday 6/8 and are hoping to have it comepleted on 6/19 so we can discuss it. Reading TO your kids is encouraged. This can be a great family time and will keep your kids interested in books over the summer break. You can check it out at the library or find a cheap, used copy online. If you have a book you recommend to be added to our list (good for approximately 2wks of reading, for boys & girls) message me. We are not planning on meeting in person but I am encouraging you to do so in your own small groups. Celebrate the completion of your books with a treat such as ice cream sundaes, a trip to the park, or (for our Hilliard friends) a trip to Peggy's pool. She has graciously offered it up to us for this. After each book we will discuss our thoughts, the kids reactions, etc. Please visit our event on Facebook:

Will announce next book on 6/19.


  1. great idea becky! i used to read judy blume books all the time as a kid. love her!

    hope you all have a great time with this!

  2. I read that book when I was youger and I really liked it. I want to join in with you but I think my girls are still too young. Oh, and don't forget the YMCA water park opened today!