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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Soccer Season

WARNING: This post probably contains more pictures than the average viewer is interested in looking at. However, since I have this blog printed into a scrapbook for my boys I had to include any pictures that made me pause a moment. But if you scroll towards the bottom you will get a good laugh!
This year Nick coached THREE teams!! So on Tuesdays & Thursdays we were at the YMCA field from 5-8ish. Rocco's team was called 'The Noodles', Dallon's 'The Toeheads' & Roman's 'The Meatballs'. I was the Team Mom for The Meatballs. Here are some of my favorite shots from the season.
Rocco after one of his first practices. This is Rocco's first sport!
He loved this puppy that this sweet family brought with them.
He couldn't believe nobody kicked the ball to him! So maybe we didn't explain the game well enough.
Nick, "Why didn't you go get the ball?" Rocco, "Why didn't they kick it to me?"
Making sure his 'Hunny Bunny' (me) is still watching.
I love this shot! Put that tongue back in your mouth!
Rocco wants in on the potential pile up!
Dallon's turn! He turned up the heat this season & really came out of his soccer shell.
Go Dallon go!!
Dallon's battling his buddy Jimmy for the ball!
Roman's favorite sport!
I like this shot & I wanted to capture Myron in it too because Roman really likes him & looks up to him.
Rocco drinking his 'Gator Egg'.
After practice one day while we were waiting on the other boys to finish up, Rocco pushed Makenzie Belle on the swing.
Get it Rocco!
Dal, you were always asking me to take your picture.
Boy, you can really see your scar in this picture. You have had stitches on your head three times! The other boys haven't had any. The first time you were running around the kitchen island and ran into the dining room door jam. The second time you were running & fell into the side of the couch which just happened to hit the board inside. The third was the worst and left this scar. We were at a Sunday school fellowship at Donnie & Joan Conner's about three years ago. You were on a porch swing, Roman & a friend were pushing you too hard & you flipped right over! Landing on the edge of new jagged concrete! TEN stitches!!! It was bad. Thank God you didn't get hurt worse. The ER gave you a pound puppy & you named him Mr. Donnie.
I like this picture of you Dallon because a few years ago you told us if you flatten your hands out like this, you will run faster. You revealed your secret to us!
Rocco, I think you are all the way in the air in this picture! And what a happy boy!
My lova-bug.
The Noodles
Crazy picture!
The Toeheads
The Meatballs
Rocco tripping over David Dodd! Cool action shot!
Roman got this goal!
Yes, the other team had giants AND more players. If we were missing any players we didn't have subs. Roman was parched!
Dallon, you are our comedian. During Roman's last game you had everyone in the bleachers cracking up! One mom told me she videoed the whole thing! Wish I had that! We could probably submit it to America's Funniest Videos & win $10,000!!!
Doing your old man walk.
Copying Daddy
End of season celebration! Swimming & cookout! This was our favorite yet! And we've been participating for seven years.
Goggle Boy
I love water shots & I love these piglets!
Rocco's first medal.
All the teams(A LOT were missing but it was Saturday & July 3rd so they were probably out of town.)
Great job Rocco! You didn't want to play much, you were more interested in wrestling, but you did so good when you did play! Most of all you had fun & I enjoyed watching you.
Bravo Dallon! You definitely kicked it up a notch this year!
I was actually running from a bee during the orginal shot so I had you guys repose. Thank you!! Roman, what can I say?! You da man!!
Great season boys! We were only rained out one game, which is very unusual! Thanks to the parents that helped! And a special thank you to the parents that gave Nick the Chicken House gift certificates!!

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