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Friday, July 9, 2010

The boys met their 94yr old Great Grandmother

My Uncle Randy (my Dad's brother) likes to do something special for his mother each year for her birthday. A few years ago he bought her a car. I know what you're thinking! I did too! But I have to admit that I didn't notice much change in my grandmother since I was a little carrot topped freckle face. She is sharp & fit! She still exercises by walking daily & she still models in commercials & ads. This year Uncle Randy took Grandma Gay (Gay Lynch is her name) on a road trip to see her remaining siblings. She is one of twelve! At the end of their trip they came through our parts on their way back up north. Grandma lives in Meadeville, PA & Uncle Randy lives Chandler, AZ. They were anxious to get home so we met them in St. Marys, GA at the Cracker Barrel just off I95. Roman had met his Great Grandmother before but this was the first time for Dallon & Rocco. And they were excited! My mom rode with me for moral support. I won't get into the family history but I'm sad to say that I'm not as close to my dad's side of the family as I wish we were. Here are some pictures from this special day.
Dallon, Rocco, Great Grandma Gay, Roman
Uncle Randy, Dallon, Rocco, Great Grandma Gay & Roman
Mom took this one for us so I could join in.
One last hug! Not sure when or if they will see her again so this short visit was very special.
We enjoyed hearing stories about the house she was raised in now being a restaurant. Uncle Randy said he enjoyed a meal there & the waitress started telling him the history & he chuckled then corrected some of the information for her. He remembers playing in that house as a small boy. Grandma also shared stories about all the famous people she has hob-nobbed with. She told the boys more than once (like four or five times) that her mother had twelve kids running around the house and she never remembers her being in the kitchen cooking a meal. The first few times I wondered how that was possible?! And I wondered why she was bragging about it? I hope our boys have fond memories of me cooking in our kitchen. Then Uncle Randy finally cleared it up, they had servants that did the cooking and cleaning. We got a kick out of that on the way home. The boys can't even fathom! Heck, neither can I! We also enjoyed hearing stories about Uncle Randy's world travels. He's a retired Professor from Ohio State University and has recently taught in France. He's written books on human resource management & business. Which I think is neat because when I was a Human Resources Administrator I had his HR Management book on my shelf in my office.
I'm glad we were able to spend this time together. Now, maybe we could set up an introduction for the boys & my dad.

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