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Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer Camp 2010: Natural Horsemanship Camp for Kids

Summer time = Camp time!
There are so many camps to choose from. We normally choose a sports camp. I wish our church participated in the church camp that our association participates in. This year we found out about a horse camp that a friend of ours puts on. It was affordable & educational. When we told our boys they were participating in a horse camp they were SO excited! They love horses & they love the Hall family so they just couldn't wait. Their only experiences with horses are when we ride them in the mountains each fall. They were happy to learn more about them!
Each day after a few hours of working in the hot sun with the horses Jennifer would take the kids to the river for a swim. I was a bit worried about this because in the seven years we have lived here, several kids had died in this river from drowning. One little boy just drowned a few weeks prior to this. So Nick met them down there each day to help supervise. Dallon & Rocco wore life vests. Jennifer assured me that each area of the river is different & they swim in this area often. I prayed & trusted.
Alyson is on the swinging rope. Roman LOVED this rope!
Dallon enjoyed exploring. Rocco even gave it a try.
A few pics of my Dallon
Rocco loves being thrown into the water.
More exploring for Dallon.
Rocco needed help getting on the rope.
Mrs. Jennifer said that Dallon was very patient with the horses. She said they sensed that & were very calm with him.
He was trying to keep the horse flies off of his horse.
Roman was more excited & wanted to hurry up & ride each day. Mrs. Jennifer said that the horses sensed this & would get very excited around Roman.
Time to swim! Yep, that's my boy Roman in the air.
In the end I asked what their favorite part was. Roman & Dallon both said, "Riding the horses." Their favorite was Jake.
My favorite part was that these boys slept SO good this entire week! Thanks Jennifer!! I think this camp was by far the greatest!!

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