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Friday, July 9, 2010

Alijah Ash turned 10!

Roman's buddy Alijah turned 10, so we gathered at the park in Callahan to celebrate.
Happy Birthday Alijah!!
Roman, Audie Ash, Caleb Richard & Alijah Ash
Put the Mirandos & Ashs together & you get a lot of laughter!
Birthday boy with his sister Promise.
A scrumptious double layer cookie cake! Water balloon fight!
Carl Richard tricked Nick with a air filled balloon! Good one! He got Pam Ash too! Look at her face! She thought he was throwing it even with the camera & baby in her arms!!
Roman, Audie & Dallon planning their attack.
Birthday boy's parents & baby sister Praislyn, watching the kids play.
Alijah's aunt was in charge of filling the balloons.
Everybody waiting their turn.
Cookie-cake time! Promise thought something was funny. Look at how Rocco is looking at his girl. Wonder what he's thinking.
Happy Birthday to you!
Rocco was not happy with me for some reason. He always does this under bite thing when he's mad.
Maybe I was intruding in on his time with his girl Promise.
After the balloons were gone the boys took their shirts off & filled them with water. Here Roman's surprises Dal while he's trying to fill his shirt.
Dallon just loves playing in water!
Later, after some of the guests left our boys & the Ash boys went hiking. Dallon found some blackberries!
Thank you for including us Alijah!

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