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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another one of my favorite things

I haven't gone there in a while because I'm trying not to spend the money - thanks to my Crown Financial bible study.. But one of the most addictive sites I have ever been to is . My friend Deanna Richard found this site in a magazine. We have both bought a few pieces from them and everything is beautiful! The jewelry is FREE!!!!! All you pay is the $6.99 shipping & handling. SERIOUSLY!!! Can you believe it? They have four pieces of jewelry on at a time. Every 15 minutes it changes, not all at the same time. If you leave the website open while you're doing other things it will 'ding' when one changes. You can also view the upcoming items incase you're wanting a certain piece. My memory is a little sketchy on this next part because it's been a while, but if you buy a pendant you can buy a chain to go with it for ...$4 I think... Anyway, it's an awesome site that you will get addicted to if you like silver jewelry! So be careful!! Happy shopping.. Be sure to comment what you think! I'd love to know..

Here are some pictures of a few of the pieces on now:


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