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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Roman!

Roman turned 9 on March 20th and he wanted a boot camp party. We sent out military orders as invites. The kids made a t-shirt when they arrived, using green paint & stencils. They were issued dog tags, tattoos and had their faces painted. After all of that they were challenged in an obstacle course which included cup stacking, bobbing for apples in ice water, rolling a tire, dragging a tire and many other things! Then they beat up an army tank pinata which dropped 5lbs of candy! I know, I know, those of you that know me know that I have banned candy from my house.. We loved the pinata so I had to. I could have stuffed it with bouncy balls but I don't like those either.. After all that we had cake/ice cream and opened presents.. We never did get to tug of war. I didn't count but I know we had at least thirty kids including all the siblings of the guests. Roman said it was his best party ever!
Here are a few (haha) of the pics:

Roman making his boot camp shirt, "PUNK" was his code name.
He wrote "Major Payne" on his dog tags..

Nick explaining the obstacle course.

Cup stacking

This was funny because they were supposed to get in the car but he was too big.

He took way too long thinking about how cold the water would be.

Roman dragging the tire.

Dallon had help.

Raven took care of business!

This was the pinata line! And there were more kids still playing out back!

The birthday boy's turn.

I don't think everyone got a turn but they all got plenty of candy!

This is Roman w/his favorite girl Raven.

My other two babes.


Deanna's new babies Caleb Aaron & Jaylee.
Aren't they beautiful?

Thanks for stopping by..


  1. That party looks like a BLAST! What fun parents :)

  2. Wow, that looks like a lot of fun!

  3. I can't believe he's 9 already. I remember when our history class gave Mr. Mirando a baby shower. All he talked about that year was Roman. He was such a pround Daddy.

  4. You are such a great mom!!! The bouncy balls made me laugh.