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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Parties

We had a few Christmas parties yesterday. First we started with Roman's 4th grade class Christmas party. We celebrated a week early because Ms. Seldomridge is gone to Utah next week! Monday is her birthday so we also surprised her with a balloon & cake. (Forgot to take pictures of those.) We decorated cookies then ate them! Fun & yummy!

Rocco had so much fun!

Love this one of Roman w/Ms. Seldomridge. She isn't just Roman's teacher, she is a friend, fellow First Baptist Hilliard member AND her oldest son is one of Dallon's favorite friends! We're blessed to have Roman in her class.
Roman w/some of his pisans. (Curtis, Roman, Caleb & Parker)

Ms. Seldomridge, Raven L., Roman, Christian (Caleb's twin brother), Amy

Roman insisted on getting a picture of the volunteers. Me, Eva (Caitlin's mom) & Angela (Amy's mom)

Then later that night we had our Sunday School class (Lord of the Rings, married class) Christmas party at Michael & Eva Helmicks' home here in Hilliard. They are the newest members to our class. How gracious of them to open up their home.

Santa even showed up!

We decided to have a potluck & game night. Most of our fellowships include our children but this time we needed a parents night out! I was so busy socializing that I almost forgot to take pictures, so there aren't that many.

I got this shot of our Hostess, Eva, taking a picture of me.

Gathering around the table eating & talking.

Then game time! First Catch Phrase then Mad Gab. Lynn & Eva were freakishly good at Mad Gab! This picture is Michael (Host) & Lynn (Minister of Education's wife & dear friend of mine).

We missed the class members that weren't able to join us. We always have a great time full of laughter.
Merry Christmas!!


  1. Looks like fun! Wish we could have been there.

  2. looks like a great time!! busy time of year...parties all of the time!!
    have a great weekend!