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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Monster Cookies

The last few years we have made Paula Deene's Monster Cookies for Christmas. They're called Monster cookies because they have so much stuff in them! But no flour! They are scrumptious!! (For the recipe click the hyperlink above.) This year we made two batches, which equals 6 dozen!!! Some for Sunday, December 20th's Lottie Moon cookies sale, some for caroling to our friends & some for us! Unfortunately we didn't have any leftover for Santa tonight so he's getting Oreos. Here are some pictures. (Roman is not pictured because he was was in his bedroom, in trouble.)
Dallon's like me, he always get caught making the funniest faces in pictures. Needed Daddy's muscles to add the oats!
These scoops are a must for cookie making!!

Can you smell them baking?

Aren't they beautiful? YUMMY too!

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  1. yummmm im gonan have to try these! and i would have been the one not pictured because i would also have been in trouble so i feel for him!