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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Roman's much anticipated 4th grade field trip

For years Roman has talked about going to Seaworld in the 4th grade. The time finally arrived! Even though I knew he would decline, I did offer him to go as a family rather than the field trip. It was a great savings though, so Nick & I both took off to go with him. (Siblings aren't allowed.) It turned out to be a cold wet day. Not much fun but we did all three enjoy being together. I love this boy! I stared at him on the way home, thinking 'I can't believe we are on a 4th grade field trip with our first born baby.' All the while he was texting his friends in Pictochat (Nintendo DS) & calling eachother dude. Here are some pictures.

Some of Roman's classmates in the soak zone:

On the way there, on I4 in Orlando we saw a dead black bear in the shoulder of the road. SO WEIRD!! And very sad.

We were glad to be home. Hopefully our next Seaworld trip will be warm, sunny & dry.

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