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Monday, June 28, 2010

Disney!!! Day 3, Magic Kingdom

Friday we decided to spend the day at Magic Kingdom. After today we would check with the boys on which park they wanted to go back to. We decided to save Epcot for when they are a little bit older.

Boy this place brings back so many special memories for me!! My grandparents lived in Orlando when I was growing up. My brother & I would spend two weeks with them during the summer, sometimes more! They would always take us somewhere special, Disney, Sea World, Circus World or Weeki Wachee Springs! It also brings back sweet memories of s a few visits we have made with Roman & Dallon. Dallon was TWO the last time we were here!! Wow. Now, our family is complete. We don't have to find the breastfeeding stations, rent a stroller, carry a giant bag of food, clothes, etc. etc. etc. It was nice! We all walked, well, sometimes Rocco rode Daddy's shoulders. But it was wonderful to be 'lighter'. Nick did wind up buying a backpack last night so we could carry some waters & Cokes. Nick loves his Cokes!!

Dallon had been asking to see Pluto since we got here. (I know, he's not usually the first character the kids think of when they think Disney, but Dallon's not your average kid either!) So guess who we spotted first thing when we walked in?!

And Pinocchio!

He really loved Roman! It's kinda crooked but I took it while walking. This place is busier than the other parks! But thank goodness it wasn't as hot as it could have been. Like it would be about now, late June.
Waiting for the Jungle Cruise.
All smiles
So fascinated!

We all know this guy. Tom Sawyer's Island. The boys enjoyed running all.over.this.island, while I relaxed in a porch rocker.
Enjoying the ferry to & from the island.
It's a Small World THIS is the trip that the boys discovered their love for roller coasters! We enjoyed Thunder Mountain (Rocco's FAVE) & Splash Mountain (Roman & Dallon's FAVE)! Tomorrow we'll enjoy Space Mountain!!

And did I tell you the boys love frozen lemonade just like their momma? YUM

Now, back to the hotel for swimming. I think next year we'll just go to a hotel with a pool for a weekend & let the boys swim swim SWIM. They love staying in hotels (or cabins, especially cabins) & swimming!

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