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Friday, June 4, 2010

Hilliard Elementary School's Math Night

Roman & Dallon's school has Math Night each year. This year it was on April 20th. The teachers man different Math activities around the cafeteria and the kids get a 'passport' stamped for each one they complete.
This is Mrs. Graves (K), one of our FAVORITE teachers supervising Roman & his friends. Roman, Keegan, Bobby, Caleb & Christian
Gammy helping Dallon measure.
Roman & some friends mastering the cubes. Roman & Ian on the timed math problems.
Dallon's quickly filling up his passport!
In the computer lab you can play Math Blaster.
Another measuring activity.
Our church helps the teachers serve pizza, salad, cookies & drinks.
Molly & Vanessa are always helping out!
Everyone has a great time!
While we are eating there is a drawing and almost every kid goes home with a game.

We love Hilliard Elementary School & the teachers!!
Thank you!!
*Science Night was added this year but it was on the same night as soccer practice so we missed it.

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