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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Disney!!! Last Day!!!

The last day of Disney. You know how you're usually ready to go home & get life back to normal? No, not me. I was loving this vacation & did not want it to end. But I am thankful. Now, Nick on the other hand, well, you judge for yourself. Doesn't he have the 'I'm ready to end this' look? I think he was ready for a different breakfast. While the boys & I loved the free breakfast at the hotel (scrambled eggs, waffles, bacon, sausage, oatmeal, grits, cereal, danish, fruit, yogurt..I could keep going but I won't), he isn't fond of 'mass produced' food. He'd also rather have a big fat greasy burger for breakfast, or pasta. One more day Nicky.. We are going back to Magic Kingdom today then spending one more night and driving home tomorrow.
We opted for the ferry this go round'. It's like a ride in itself for us!
Rocco & Roman
Here we are!I love it! If we lived in Orlando I would insist on season passes! Tomorrowland
Stitch ride! It was actually kind of lame but we had been hopping on & off coasters so maybe that's why. Any coaster that Rocco was tall enough for, he rode! And LOVED them!!
Here he's telling us all about it!
Two riders so Roman had to ride by himself. He did great!
Dallon & I rode together.
Daddy & Rocco
Dal & I were in the middle, Roman in front of us & Daddy/Rocco behind us.
There's Roman!
Hey Roman!
That was SO fun!!!
Space Mountain malfunctioned while we were heading in with our Fast Passes, so we took this time to cool off! We'll go back later!

Cooling off in Toontown too! My boys have always loved this spot!
Yes, my kids were the only ones stripping.
On our last day we finally saw our favorites!!! I cropped me right out of this picture though. It was much cuter with just the boys.
Train ride!
While visiting Mickey's house Rocco was very confused why Mickey wasn't there.
Oh Yeah! SPACE MOUNTAIN!! We love it.
Rocco caught up on some much needed rest while we rode Space Mountain. He wasn't quite tall enough. Next time!

This was such a great trip! Rocco did so good walking as much as he did. Daddy did good too, carrying him on his shoulders when Rocco's little legs needed a break. We discovered that Rocco is a roller coaster machine! He absolutely loved them!! On Thunder Mountain we had to MAKE him hold on. He saw Daddy putting his hands up & wanted to do the same but it just made us a little too nervous. We look forward to riding many more coaster with our boys.

We headed out to find a restaurant and settled on Dallon's favorite, Longhorn. It was a great meal! Then we went to our hotel for some swimming & rest. The next morning we packed up, ate our free breakfast & headed home to find our new granite counter tops waiting for us. They were installed while we were gone. We stopped to buy a new faucet on the way.

See you in about five years Disney! Sooner if we can get another deal like this!

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  1. what a great family vacay! i love some disney too! makes me feel like a kid again!