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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Day #15 I am thankful for

God being a God of today!
Twice this week I have heard from the Lord. No question, undoubtedly, a word from the Lord. How does this happen? Through His Word (the Bible) and His Spirit that lives within me. Most days I go through my routine, knowing all the while that God is with me. He promises He is & I believe Him. But these two messages were different, they were two times in one week that I knew He had a special message for me. The first one was Wedneday night in my Bible study class, which I shared in a previous post. God reminded me that He has given me the strength needed to live a life of freedom, Glorifying to Him. The second time was today. Wow, what a powerful message this morning that God delivered through our pastor. It was on Praying Powerfully. Going before God boldly asking for the desires of our hearts. Asking mostly for more God all over our lives. Have you ever had a time when the Lord was impressing you to do something & you just knew it was Him? So much so that you can't sit still until you do it? Even if it makes you uncomfortable & you'd rather just stick to your normal routine of showing up, Worshiping, praying & going home? That was me today. I knew there was something He wanted me to do and I knew I would not be able to move forward with my day until it was done. The last time I felt this same urgency was about four or five years ago and I still see how God worked in that situation and is to this day still using the person it involved. I do not take any credit and don't seek a pat on the back. I am simply thankful that my God is a God of TODAY. He is alive & well & uses sinners like me to accomplish His will. He doesn't have to, he could accomplish His will by simply thinking it in to happening. But He includes us, His children, made in His image. Isn't that amazing?
God of all creation, I am a sinner, I make bad choices everyday. I probably cause people to stumble by my judgemental sinful heart. Please forgive me for this sin. Thank you for loving me, forgiving me & helping me to love others. Thank you for still speaking to me today, through Your Spirit that you have placed inside of me. Please help me to look to You and see people the way You see them, love them the way You love them. I praise You & thank You for Your Grace. In Jesus Holy name!
So you may be wondering what it was that God impressed me to do today. Or if I did it? I did & He has blessed me with joy. Does it really matter if I share the details? Or does it matter more that He still impresses upon His people & rewards them with joy for their obedience?
I am thankful for God being a God of yesterday, today, tomorrow & forever. Amen

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