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Friday, November 20, 2009

Day #20 I am thankful for

realizing that my camera's card is bad BEFORE going on vacation! I just went to clear it off for vacation & I got nothin! I know I had some pictures on there but I can remember what of.. Hmmm.. Planned on hitting Wal-Mart this afternoon anyway. Praise the Lord I didn't discover this after we got back from vacation.

Wonder if I should get a different kind? This one holds around 600 pictures. I have a Canon Rebel XT. Any recommendations?


  1. I wouldn't recommend going any larger,'s better to have several smaller cards, than one big one.

  2. wasn't the card after all! Something is wrong with me CF slot. I had to pull out the old trusty firewire. Did pick up a 4GB CF card though. They don't even sell 2GB at Wal-Mart anymore.